ADVIA Chemistry XPT System
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ADVIA Chemistry XPT System
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The ADVIA® Chemistry XPT System* is engineered for continuous operation and timely, accurate results—supporting you to reach your full potential today and be prepared for tomorrow. With an advanced user interface that is easy to use and VeriSmart® Technology to support accuracy of testing, the ADVIA Chemistry XPT System predictably and consistently delivers timely, reliable results to meet expanding workloads.


Simplified, continuous operation

  • Intuitive, icon-driven user interface for simplified training and operation
  • ISE module designed for high throughput without the need for routine maintenance
  • Concentrated reagents provide a high number of tests onboard for long walkaway times
  • Status light displays system alerts visible from anywhere in the laboratory
  • On-the-fly loading of most system fluids
  • Automated short maintenance washes and procedures
  • Maintenance-free reaction bath and optical system
  • Automated calibration, QC, startup, and shutdown

Seamless connectivity to powerful automation and diagnostics IT


Consistent, predictable turnaround time and timely, accurate results

  • Comprehensive menu of 117 assays (June 2014); supports up to 2400 tests per hour (1800 photometric plus 600 ISE) to provide consistent and predictable TAT
  • Micro-volume technology reduces blood-draw requirements by using a single 30 μL sample for up to 15 tests
  • Quick release of sample tubes allows parallel tube processing and rapid, predictable TAT
  • Aliquot retention allows automated, preprogrammable dilution, reflex, and rerun testing without calling back the sample
  • STAT and specialty samples can always be front-loaded while the track is running
  • Sample integrity checks, including hemolysis, icterus, lipemia, and clot detection, are performed without operator intervention while maintaining high throughput


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