Cios Fusion
Fuse surgical versatility with Full View FD

Cios Fusion
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Mobile C-arm Cios Fusion
Cios Fusion

Fuse surgical versatility with Full View FD.

Cios Fusion in Trauma Surgey

Learn what Prof. Grützner says about clinical benefits of Cios Fusion in Trauma Surgery.

New family of mobile C-arms

Many clinical institutions have difficulties with OR planning because volatile caseloads make it hard to assign the right C-arm for a surgical procedure. Learn more about it!

You and Cios – partners in performance

Have a look on our new Cios members and learn which mobile C-arm best fits to your needs.

Mobile C-arm Cios Fusion Remote user interface
Remote user interface1

Surgeons can directly operate the C-arm from within the sterile field via the remote user interface1 at the table-side.

Mobile C-arm Cios Fusion Touch user interface
Touch user interface

Intuitive C-arm operation with the touch user interface - either from the monitor cart or C-arm.

Mobile C-arm Cios Fusion Intuitive color coding
Intuitive color coding

Color-coded axes, brakes, and handles make system operation easy and keep training requirement low.

Mobile C-arm Cios Fusion Multifunctional footswitch
Multifunctional footswitch1

Hands-free X-ray release, image capture, and access to all operating modes.

Investments in equipment for routine procedures are often neglected. Thus, the clinical capabilities of modern and versatile equipment are not available to benefit patients and institutions.

With Cios Fusion, you can increase the competitiveness and surgical versatility of your institution by equipping your OR with innovative imaging technologies. The mobile C-arm provides large, crystal-clear images at the right dose – thanks to Full View FD and our unique Retina Imaging Chain with IDEAL dose management.


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2Compared to today’s conventional 23 cm / 9 inch image intensifiers

Cios Fusion is not commercially available in all countries. Due to regulatory reasons its future availability cannot be guaranteed. Please contact your local Siemens organization for further details.