Medical Electronics: Examples of Customized SolutionsOur main application fields fit to your requirements

Control Solutions for CT scanners
Embedded PC platform paired with FPGA technology to cover customer needs and guarantee flexibility

  • Fanless COMexpress and Cfast-SSD technology
  • Wide range of control interfaces
  • High speed control interface via optical fiber (1,25 Gbit)
  • Galvanic isolated interfaces up to 3 kV AC
  • Field-updatable concept for software and FPGA


Image chain for mobile C-arms
Embedded platform for the correction of flat panel images and the image transfer to the processing PC

  • Embedded flat panel detector control
  • FPGA-based image correction of flat panel raw images
  • Wired serial high-speed data transmission with 2 GBd with ECC
  • Real-time OS for flat panel detector control and monitoring
  • PCIe card for DMA-image transfer to the PC main memory
  • Integrated Windows7 driver to control configuration and image transmissions

Physio data processing with multi-touch HMI
If every heartbeat matters, you need to rely on the most reliable detection algorithms available. Natural gestures on a multi-touch HMI display provide new ways of examining data.

  • Advanced algorithms for ECG feature detection and noise reduction
  • ECG and respiration with only two electrodes
  • Tablet-like high-resolution graphical user interface
  • Examination of ECG data by intuitive multi-touch gestures
  • Software based on state of the art Linux operating system