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Medical Electronics Portfolio

We support you in the medical industry by providing solutions perfectly tailored to your needs. We have expertise under one roof along the entire value chain – from concept to design specifications and implementation to industrialization, production, and support. To meet your requirements, we can either manage the entire product life cycle or concentrate on individual process stages. We offer innovative, sustainable solutions covering the entire spectrum of electronics. Our portfolio ranges from electronic assemblies to subsystems and final devices, all designed to suit your needs as our customer and in accordance with your requirements.

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Concept & Development

Concept & Development 1

Together, we will translate your ideas into a final product, closely cooperating along the entire development process from concept to design realization and talking into account all applicable medical regulations and the current state of the art. Our solutions are focused on functional safety. Our professional project management helps keep you within your time and cost budget.

System design and architecture

  • Consulting and comprehensive requirements analysis
  • Creation of a complete system architecture
  • Derivation of functional specifications
  • Design specification for hardware, software, and mechanical components

Hardware design

  • From analog, digital and mixed-signal design to high-performance, high frequency applications
  • In-depth technical knowledge of standard communication interfaces (for example, CAN, GBit-LAN, Bluetooth, PCIe, Profinet)
  • Characterization using measurement and analytic simulations

FPGA design

  • Comprehensive expertise for complex FPGA design technology and methodology
  • High-speed applications, system-on-chip-solutions and standard logic
  • Use of pretested IP cores
  • Functional verification of the FPGA design
  • Consideration of regulatory requirements in terms of FPGA design and configuration management

Software design – embedded software

  • Development of embedded software for assemblies to control a wide range of system functions, communications software, or other applications, including those related to safety
  • Adaptation and integration of board support packages and development of device drivers based on Linux and QNX
  • Integration of communication protocol stacks like CANOpen, PROFINET/PROFISAFE
  • Integration of an embedded middleware platform as a powerful basis for the development of control applications


Industrialization 1

In this step, we optimize the results we gained during the development stage from manufacturability and get your solution ready for serial production.

Component engineering

  • Consulting on the best possible selection of components for new designs and redesign projects
  • Standardization based on our component database creates the preconditions for multiple uses and scale effects
  • Adding a component to the database makes it available, with all its properties, for the tools used in development and manufacturing processes
  • We perform regular life-cycle analyses based on the database

PCB design

  • Analog to high-frequency design, including high-voltage, high-current, rigid-flex, and flex design
  • High-speed design, including signal integrity simulation
  • EMC-compliant layout
  • Optimization of PCB structure and selection of the best possible supplier

Test system development – functional testing of medical systems and equipment

  • Physical and electrical design for test analysis
  • Evaluation of fault probability and test strategy development
  • Test equipment planning and development
  • Comprehensive test system solutions, from construction and combining technologies to system function
  • Functional verification and conformity testing and performance of load and stress tests
  • Support for test processes throughout the product life cycle

Rapid production of prototypes

  • Fast-track prototyping to produce an early development/validation sample
  • Preseries and series production using the same manufacturing facilities
  • Technological first sample analysis, qualification process for manufacture, and recommendations for improvement

Production technology for prototypes and series products

  • Best-cost-country production strategy using production facilities in Germany and China
  • Uniform plant, machinery, and processes permit high quality, flexibility, and safety standards at all locations
  • Use of state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies for the production of electronic assemblies and systems
  • Ultramodern production equipment for all necessary stages of the process, from SMT to manual assembly and testing
  • Production processes optimized for small and medium unit quantities

Production & Logistics

Production & Logistics 1

This is the process stage where you fully benefit from the breadth of our capabilities: We produce everything from electronic assemblies and subsystems of all complexities to ready-to-use medical devices – all from a single source and tailored to your specific needs.

  • Wide range of variants for small and medium volumes
  • We pool our materials globally and across a broad customer base to ensure the best possible price/performance ratio
  • Each client has a dedicated contact person who is in constant contact with them
  • We create a logistics solution that is specifically tailored to your supply chain


Aftersales 1

When we deliver your turnkey system, our job is far from done. After all, your journey with the new system is just starting, so we remain at your side providing ongoing support to manage life-cycle & availability and help ensure the smooth operation of your investment.

Life-cycle analysis

  • Reviewing the technological and physical availability of assemblies

Proactive obsolescence management

  • Analysis of availability of parts in the development and series production process and consulting on alternative solutions that will ensure availability
  • Management in a context of technical changes and discontinuations of electrical components, including coverage of interim or remaining needs, to avoid cost-intensive supply bottlenecks
  • Our obsolescence management strategy offers the optimal protection against obsolete parts, costly redesigns, uncertainty of sources, and cost-intensive brokerware

Dependable spare parts management

  • Dedicated service logistics processes for rapid and dependable availability of spare parts
  • Rapid diagnosis of returned goods to classify errors and initiate the appropriate measures
  • An inventory of replacement parts ensures rapid turnaround times

Repair services

  • Dedicated service center to repair electronic assemblies
  • We offer repairs for more than 10 years
  • Products can either be exchanged from our inventory or your specific product will be returned to you after repair