SOMATOM Confidence

Imaging in Particle Therapy

Discover Dual Energy based SPR determination, in-room CT solutions and tailored imaging technologies for treatment planning

The best possible clinical use of treatments using protons (PT) can only be achieved with an accurate prediction of proton range. Several papers have shown that Dual Energy CT (DECT) can contribute to a reduction in CT-related uncertainties and thus minimize the irradiation of healthy tissue.  The new DirectSPR software offers a solution that can be implemented clinically on almost all Single Source and Dual Source CT scanners from Siemens Healthineers.


Courtesy of OncoRay, Dresden, Germany

Enabling fully automated stopping power calculation based on Dual Energy images

  • is designed for Siemens SOMATOM Dual Energy scanners1
  • enables accurate and automated SPR calculation on syngo.via1
  • automatically takes into account patient volume to eliminate the need for different HLUTS.
  • differentiate the SPR value of materials that have the same CT value in single energy images.
  • generates CT DICOM modality images so that they can be exported into a TPS.

Sliding Gantry solutions

  • CT image quality in the treatment room3 with CT Sliding Gantry
  • Evaluation of anatomical changes and replanning to support adaptive concepts
  • Comprehensive set of SOMATOM CT Sliding Gantry features from motion management to metal artifact reduction
SOMATOM Confidence RT Pro®
SOMATOM Definition Edge Plus

Discover the highly innovative imaging and treatment technology from Varian Medical Systems and Siemens Healthineers at HollandPTC with SOMATOM Confidence Sliding Gantry and ProBeam:

SOMATOM go.Open Pro

SOMATOM go.Open Pro
  • Dual Energy: Twin Spiral4 faster acquisition with tin filter
  • DirectSPR4 calculation ready
  • 85 cm bore size with 60cm scan FoV
  • Direct i4D4,5 - World's first 4D CT sequence that adapts to the patient's breathing
  • AI-powered DirectORGANS1 - OAR contours automatically generated at the scanner
  • New intuitive Mobile Workflow
  • Integrated RTP lasers4
  • Metal artifact reduction iMAR4
  • 64 acquired slices; 128 reconstructed slices