syngo.MR Cardiac 4D Ventricular Function

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Características y Beneficios


  • Instant display of preprocessed segmentation (left ventricle) based on prize-winning algorithm;
  • Automatic Calculation of ventricular volumes, ejection fraction and myocardial mass
  • Automatic Calculation of myocardial thickening for all myocardial segments
  • Semiautomatic processing of the right ventricle
  • Dynamic evaluation such as time-volume diagrams, filling rate and myocardial wall motion
  • Integrated and synchronized movie display
  • Graphical display of results (tables, bull's-eye plot, 4D model of the heart)
  • Integration of the results in a report for documentation


Clinical Application

Functional and volumetric evaluations are the cornerstone of every cardiac MR examination, in ischemic heart disease as well as in cardiomyopathies and myocarditis. syngo.via* allows precise analysis of all relevant volumetric parameters such as ejection fraction, stroke volume, and, e.g., segmental analysis of wall thickening.

Additional Information


My cases - ready.
See images presented by type or anatomical view. syngo.via automatically recognizes and sorts them into predefined layouts, preventing mix-up of images by order or location.

Easily review automatically created short and long axis contours with syngo.via’s guided approach. The software calculates all relevant parameters for cardiac functional analysis and displays them in standardized graphs and tables – from ejection fraction (EF) to regional wall thickening, among others. The perfect match to the Cardiac Dot Engine and Inline VF, syngo.MR Cardiac 4D VF enables an optimized workflow from scanning to processing and reading.



* syngo.via can be used as a standalone device or together with a variety of syngo.via-based software options, which are medical devices in their own rights.

General Requirements

  • syngo.via for MRI

syngo.via Advanced User License

syngo.MR General Engine

Please Note: Additional technical pre-requisites may apply. Upon receiving your request, your local Siemens representative will clarify whether your system meets the requirements.