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teamplay Insights1Maximize your insights, optimize your value


How do you find the right balance between optimized resource utilization and the possibility to offer slots for priority and emergency cases?

How would you make decisions on how to reduce wait times for diagnostic imaging appointments, all the while managing patient backlog?

How do you conduct reporting of performance indicators to monitor whether you have achieved your set goals? 

teamplay Insights …

  • provides deep performance insights, helping to optimize workflows and resource utilization, e.g., to better understand numbers of no-shows
  • enables tailored, in-depth analytics, helping to tackle sophisticated challenges like requirement patterns for priority cases
  • assists in achieving individual performance targets by interactive trackers and standardized reports
teamplay Insights - exemple performance dashboard

With teamplay Insights, you get broad access to your radiology department data to discover insights you could not have found before. Build highly flexible, personalized and interactive data visualization boards for both a monitoring view of your radiology department as well as for a deep dive analysis in specific use cases. Create trackers to check and report whether you will reach your set goals. Analyze and better understand numbers of no-shows and requirement patterns for priority cases. Take deep dives into your dose data to help better understand reasons behind dose outliers, and then decide on measure to be taken to remedy said outliers. Or, find out what the busiest times are to schedule enough staff. With this knowledge at hand you can take well-informed decisions to improve resource utilization. Maximize your insights, optimize your value.


What does teamplay Insights do for you?

  • Get broad and convenient access to operations data, easily build your very own metrics and graphs, simply drag and drop
  • Track individual targets and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) with customizable dashboards
  • Create tailored communications to management