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Digital Pathology integrated with Enterprise Imaging

One source of digitalization in pathology 

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Within the realm of enterprise imaging, we as healthcare leaders have long managed seemingly large imaging data sets.  These imaging sets have already pushed the limits of many legacy systems to their boundaries. Digital Pathology represents a paradigm shift in the amount of data in an imaging series. To handle this data responsibly, systems need to be put in place, like a strong data lifecycle management.  This will help to manage cases and keep storage available as new cases come forward.

Siemens Healthineers has long been a pioneer in the healthcare digitalization space. We watched as Radiologists transitioned from light rooms to workstations and helped to enable them with new and exciting ways to make healthcare more equitable for the patients. With our long history in digitalization, we now want to do the same by enabling Digital Pathology and help Pathologists transition from the microscope to the workstation, where they can start to benefit from state-of-the-art technologies like Artificial Intelligence.

Digitalize your Pathology Workflow and stay ahead of mounting complexities 

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Enhance recruiting efforts


Pathologists coming out of top universities have been introduced to the latest Digital Pathology setup and are expecting the same from their future employer.

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Automation & future proofing


Automation will help to reduse menial tasks, while access to new AI Algorithms will help to streamline workflows, and future-proof your lab.

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Efficiency through balancing 

Route important cases to the right clinician, offer work from home opportunities, and balance workloads throughout your IDN.

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Our state-of-the-art solutions will help you digitalize your pathology department efficiently. With our partner Hamamatsu we can offer you a high-speed scanner. The front-end software, Concentriq® Dx3, is provided by our partner Proscia. This is all brought together for our customers by Syngo Carbon4, maintaining enterprise imaging data management, and provide Enterprise Access to all the necessary data sources across the hospital.

Hamamatsu Scanner

The partnership with Hamamatsu allows us to offer their NanoZoomer2 scanner that delivers high-quality images using precision optics and a scanner reliability which is highly regarded in the Pathology market.


Versatile magnification 

Both 20x and 40x full captures are taken to ensure continuity of the pathology reading in the department.


Customizable interoperability

Open platform allows connectivity to a variety of LIS (laboratory information system) systems and can also deliver the image in the format you need it in.

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Selectable workflow 

Fully and semi-automated scanning options with assistance for image quality check.

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We partnered with Proscia because of the high level of competence and the coverage of functionalities provided by their product, Concentriq® Dx3.

Concentriq® Dx3 is the digital pathology platform used by top reference laboratories and health systems to advance the standard of care from the limitations of glass to the data-driven future of pathology. From AI-enabled diagnostic workflows to remote access and consultation, Concentriq® Dx3 empowers the modern laboratory, driving efficiency and quality as they embrace pathology’s computational future.

Syngo Carbon is a new enterprise imaging and reporting solution from Siemens Healthineers. Designed to improve patient care, Syngo Carbon opens possibilities in image interpretation, reporting, interoperability, and Data Management. Syngo Carbon is now looking to take its powerful IDM to help with the massive data sets created by pathology and help power the digitization of pathology labs across the world. Below is a short synopsis on how our IDM can help power your pathology data management.  But, to learn more about Syngo Carbon, please visit its page here.

Sygno Carbon IDM Unified Data Management

Digital pathology produces vast amounts of data, including high-resolution images of tissue samples. The IDM comes with ILM, that can help organize this data with rule-based, automatic movements of data between storage pools and deletion. Making it easier for pathologists to access and review the information they need to make accurate diagnoses without overloading the archive with unnecessary data. 

Syngo Carbon IDM

The IDM manages data around the patient instead of around the departments. This approach allows healthcare providers to see a comprehensive view of the patient's health status, treatment history, and other relevant information. This helps to identify patterns and trends that might not be apparent if data is managed by department. For example, by analyzing patient data from multiple sources, healthcare providers can identify risk factors for certain diseases or conditions and develop more effective prevention and treatment strategies. With the IDM healthcare providers can make more informed decisions about patient care, avoid duplicative tests and treatments and improve patient outcomes.

Sygno Carbon IDM Standard-based Connectivity

With just one installation of a server the IDM provides a centralized location for managing data and applications, which can make it easier for the IT department to manage and maintain the organization's technology infrastructure. By consolidating resources onto a single server, the IT department can reduce the time and effort required to manage multiple devices and applications.