[**] Atellica Inventory ManagerReal-time Automated Inventory Management

Características y Beneficios

Siemens Healthineers is digitalizing healthcare to help you decrease cost, save time, and improve inventory workflow. With Atellica® Inventory Manager*, you can:

  • Analyze inventory usage over time, to better predict demand, reduce waste, and automate order processes
  • Leverage cloud-based inventory management software and no-touch RFID tracking of reagents and consumables for automated inventory control across multiple locations
Dr. Oliver ColhounLaboratory Director, Klinikum Frankfurt Höchst
Gain more control of lab operations with real-time inventory management
  • Any time. Anywhere. Cloud-based software enables real-time, multi-lab inventory control from any Internet-connected device
  • At-a-glance dashboard shows status of Siemens Healthineers reagents and consumables and RFID-pre-labeled third-party products
  • Automated alerts indicate stock levels, ordering updates, expiry warnings, and Atellica Inventory Manager hardware conditions
  • System provides traceability of reagents and consumables, from ordering to consumption
Atellica® Inventory Manager
  • RFID-pre-labeled Siemens Healthineers reagents and consumables provide one-click check-in of orders
  • System records inventory usage, lot numbers, expiration dates, and tracking information for instant documentation that can help you comply with accreditation requirements
  • Discard-and-done feature automatically reconciles stock levels based on usage
  • Ordering rules can be set according to preference: by frequency, critical stock level threshold, and automated reorder proposals
Simplify inventory management
  • Reduce the time required for inventory management
  • Achieve cost savings through:
         •  Reduction of on-hand stock
         •  Reduction of waste due to expiring products
         •  Reduction of emergency shipments through automated reorder
            proposals and low-stock alerts
  • Standardize and centralize the ordering process, reducing the risk of human error and variability that can cause downtime and delayed results
  • Optimize inventory levels at all times at multiple lab locations for total inventory control


• Any boxed third-party consumable

Ancillary consumables