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Enhance your clinical expertise by listening to one of our clinical webinars.


Are you interested in finding out the latest information in healthcare imaging? Would you like to discover new technologies and gain access to some of the world’s most renowned clinicians? All of this without the need to travel, and completely free of charge?

How to perform a dynamic myocardial perfusion with SOMATOM Force?

Koen Nieman, MD PhD, Erasmus Medical Center, Rotterdam, The Netherlands shows how to do a dynamic myocardial perfusion step by step. He explains the whole process on our Dual Source CT scanner SOMATOM Force.

How to perform a dynamic myocardial perfusion with SOMATOM Definition Flash?

Francesca Pugliese, MD PhD FESC, St Bartholomew´s Hospital, London, UK shows how to do a dynamic myocardial perfusion step by step. She explains the whole process on our Dual Source CT scanner SOMATOM Definition Flash.

Cardiac CT tutorial SOMATOM Perspective

Cardiologist Paulo Pedro M.D., SAMS Hospital, Lisbon, Portugal shows in a tutorial how to do cardiovascular CT examinations step by step. He explains in the whole process on SOMATOM Perspective.

Associate Professor Thomas Henzler, MD, University Medical Center Mannheim

Advances in low-kV imaging with the SOMATOM Force

Lowering the X-ray tube voltage in routine can be difficult to implement, especially in challenging clinical settings. Thomas Henzler, MD, demonstrates the low kV capabilities of the SOMATOM Force and their impressive clinical benefits.

Associate Professor Thorsten R.C. Johnson, MD, University of Munich

Dual Energy CT in Clinical Practice

Focus of this webinar is Dual Energy CT in clinical practice. Associate Professor Thorsten R.C. Johnson, MD is covering the physical principles of DE and shares his experience on all available DE applications.

Stephan Achenbach, Prof. Dr. med, University of Erlangen:

Department of Cardiology on Low Dose in Cardiac CT

In this Webinar Prof. Achenbach presents his experience in Cardiac CT scanning. He explains how excellent Cardiac CT imaging can be done at lowest possible dose values.

Bernd Tomandl, Prof. Dr. med, Bremen Central Hospital:

Head of the Department of Neuroradiology on CT Stroke Management

Prof. Dr. Tomandl shows the use of a combination of non-enhanced CT, CT-Perfusion and CT-Angiography for a comprehensive imaging of patients with acute ischemic stroke.   

High-resolution CT scans for patients referred for interstitial lung disease

Clinical disease pattern of interstitial lung diseases including possible clinical diagnostic methods will be discussed by Dr. Remy-Jardin. Cases, providing the diagnostic value of HRCT scanning in such a patient population as well as the clinical assessment of these will be shown and demonstrated.

Lukas Lehmkuhl, MD, Heart Center Leipzig on TAVI Planning

Watch the recording of the webinar on TAVI planning and advanced visualization, held by Lukas Lehmkuhl, MD. He presents basic concepts, CT protocols and evaluation strategies.

Walter Huda PhD, Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, USA

The content of these 30 Minute sessions presented by Walter Huda, PhD, are about the Physics on Computed Tomography in order to set a basis to be able to improve image quality.

Part 1: CT Dose

Part 2: Image Quality

Part 3: CAREDose4D

Part 4: CAREkV

Part 5: Clinical Techniques

Part 6: Clinical Practice

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