Siemens Healthineers Data Privacy Notice for Online Services and subjacent applications

Status: May 24, 2018

We use a central single sign-on service for our Online Services. This enables users to register and authenticate once for our online services, such as LifeNet, Document Library or User Forum, using the same access data. After the registration for the service, the user can easily switch between the applications for which he is authorized.

In order to use the single sign-on service for all online services, personal data such as surname, first name and e-mail address are collected. This personal data is used to provide a standardized authentication and authorization mechanism for our various online services.

Further information such as fax number, phone number, and company name is needed for subjacent online services for example to process your inquiries and orders, such as the processing of product orders in the Webshop, to exchange with colleagues in communities like the User Forum, to show service information in Lifenet or to contact the user to clarify errors or to inform about updates.

Siemens Healthineers uses cookies to ensure the secure authentication and authorization of a user and to ensure that the single sign-on service and online services function properly.

For further information concerning the Siemens Healthineers Cookie Policy, please visit

In addition to the Cookie Policy, Siemens Healthineers Privacy Policy on our Website applies to our Online Services.

In the event of contradictions, the regulation in the data privacy policy of the respective online service takes precedence.