Max GrenzLeadership with an eye on the future of healthcare.

Max Grenz
Location: Berlin, Germany
Key strengths: Business Strategy, Digital Transformation
Value Partner since: 2018
Personal interests: CrossFit, sailing

An economist by training, Max Grenz has worked with blue-chip consulting firms on a variety of institutional reorganization projects. His initial experience of healthcare projects sparked his passion, and he is glad to be dedicated to healthcare projects for Siemens Healthineers Value Partners. His clients benefit from his wealth of experience in strategic consulting and his knack for leading challenging digitalization goals.

Developing a talent for business consulting, then discovering a passion for healthcare

Max Grenz earned master’s in economics from the Berlin Institute for Technology (TU Berlin) and went on to hold both consulting and leadership roles at leading consulting firms – facilitating large-scale business turnarounds, reorganizations, and mergers and acquisitions.
Over the course of his consulting career, he found himself increasingly drawn to healthcare projects. “The people who work in healthcare are driven a bit differently than the ones in other industries,” he explains. “It’s quite special.” When the opportunity presented itself to assume a leadership role within Siemens Healthineers Value Partners for Healthcare Consulting, Max jumped at the chance to help influence the direction of the group.

Transforming the team that delivers the solutions

As a Senior Project Lead Max plays a key role in managing the Siemens Healthineers Value Partners consulting team. For example, by supporting the opening of a new office in Berlin, he helped expand the group’s geographical boundaries beyond their original headquarters in Erlangen, Germany – thereby setting a precedent for greater workplace flexibility. He also took charge of the onboarding process, helping new team members get off to a strong start so they could better serve their customers.
In addition, he has pushed Siemens Healthineers Value Partners to take fuller advantage of the vast resources of Siemens Healthineers, from its clinical data sets to its technological expertise to offer customers more informed and effective digital workflow solutions. “Seeing our upward trajectory makes me really excited about where we could be two years from now,” he says.

Setting the stage for an increasingly digital tomorrow

One of Max’s biggest interests is in facilitating customers’ utilization of digital technology to optimize their operations, increase efficiency, and improve the quality of care. “Over time, technology will play a larger and larger role in healthcare,” he notes. “We’re here to support our customers in making that transition.”

Blending hard work with intense exercise and purposeful relaxation

To counterbalance the intensity of his professional responsibilities, Max finds release and relaxation through his two favorite recreational pursuits: CrossFit training and sailing. “I try to do CrossFit at least three times a week, maybe five or seven even because that's really an intense exercise focused on one specific hour and one specific time slot. So that really goes well with both my job and my mindset,” he explains.
“And sailing, on the other hand, is something I can do to really relax. It really takes my mind off things because my only focus is on my sail and on how I can best catch the next wave or wind current,” he adds. “And that's really something that I need to relax in my spare time.”

Embracing the future of healthcare digitalization

Max believes that digital solutions will be more and more essential to optimize the delivery of patient care – while also helping institutions cope with cost pressures, the increasing size of the global older population, and the increase in healthcare demand that this entails.
And he believes that Siemens Healthineers Value Partners is ideally poised to help providers navigate this transition. “Siemens Healthineers occupies a sweet spot in the triangle between strategy, implementation, and technology,” he notes. “Having started as a technology firm, we’re in a great position to pair that strength with savvy strategy and implementation.”

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