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Main Features

Simulation Features

  • Single or multiple reference points or isocenters
  • Absolute and relative patient marking
  • Automatic marking of structure centroids
  • Direct Laser Steering for LAP lasers1,2
  • DICOM and text file data exchange with lasers1,2
  • Virtual Laser View for display of laser lines on 3D patient model (VRT)1
  • Patient marking on any supported image type1

Multimodality Imaging Features

  • 3D: CT, PET1, PET/CT1, MRI1 and Linac Cone Beam CT (CBCT) image support
  • 4D: CT, PET/CT1, MRI1 image support
  • Support for time resolved CT and MR1 images (e.g. MR DCE, Perfusion CT)
  • Calculate and display the standard uptake value (SUV) for PET images1
  • Concurrent display of up to a total of 8 image series (4 single or 4 fused series) over 4 image panels1
  • Dual monitor support
  • Direct 4D: 4D data management with phase splitting, tMinIP, tMIP, AverageCT generation, cine-loop visualization of 4D CT dataset and contours, semiautomatic contour propagation over 4D CT breathing phases1 and ITV generation
  • Quantitative assessment of 3D tumor trajectory and amplitude
  • Semi-automatic identification of the mid-ventilation phase

Contouring Features

  • Multimodality1 contouring
  • Freehand 2D, 3D image-based Smart Freehand segmentation, Smart 2D/3D Nudge, brush
  • Pan, scale, rotate contours
  • Contour on any arbitrary plane including oblique planes
  • AutoContouring for organs-at-risk (brain, heart, left lung, right lung, liver, left kidney, right kidney, left femoral head, right femoral head)
  • User configurable Organ Templates
  • Organ algebra (union, intersection, exclusion)
  • Symmetric and asymmetric structure growth or contraction
  • Geometrical and smart image-based contour interpolation
  • Multiple structure set support (1 per image series)
  • Molecular imaging data such as PET, threshold-based and skin, gray value-based segmentation1
  • “CT-free” contouring: native PET or MR contouring
  • Parallel contouring: contouring performed on any image is reflected on all other images
  • Visualization of previously drawn structures on the current image series
  • Contour copy and warping1 between image series

Image Registration Features

  • Image Fusion
  • Rigid and Deformable1 Registration with region-of interest based registration and multiple registrations per image pair
  • Manual editing of registrations
  • Save registrations and save deformed images as reformatted dataset
  • Contour warping and display of prior and new structure set
  • Registration Quality Check1 with spyglass, deformation vector map, deformation magnitude color map

RT Dose1 Features

  • Display dose volumes overlaid on any supported image type and side-by-side
  • Display & compare two dose volume histograms
  • Warp dose between current and prior dose volumes and images
  • Accumulate dose volumes for adaptive or recurrent treatments

Collaboration Features

  • Create annotations and measurements and share them
  • Screen and mouse sharing with other syngo.via clients

Ease-of-use / General Features

  • Data pre-fetching from PACS and imaging devices, simple import from CDs and DVDs, patient data reconciliation
  • Image preview function
  • Drag&Drop image loading
  • Automatic send to TPS configuration
  • DICOM, HL7 and IHE-RO standard compliance

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2Requires compatible laser system