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Enhanced Liver Fibrosis Diagnostics

ELF Test Blood draw

How a different patient pathway can ease the burden on healthcare

NAFLD impacts 25% of the global population. Because of the increasing global burden of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, lack of appropriate non-invasive testing options is a major concern. The performance of the ELF Test for assessing risk of progression to cirrhosis and Liver Related Events has been well-established in scientific literature, and ease of testing and interpretation support routine clinical use. Register for the Enhanced Liver Fibrosis Session and hear how the ELF score can improve patient pathway and ease the workload at the gastro-enterology departments.

Target audience: Laboratory professionals, Hepatologists and Hospital Administration
Platform: Microsoft Teams
Costs: Participation is free of charge
Time: May 31, 2023, 14.00 - 14.45 CET

Katrine Prier Lindvig

Katrine Prier Lindvig, PhD fellow, Clinical Research Assistant, MD,
FLASH - Centre for Liver Research, Odense University Hospital

Katrine Prier Lindvig focus her research on non-invasive diagnostic markers and early diagnosis and prognosis of chronic fatty liver disease within the primary healthcare setting. She also does ultrasound examinations, elastography and liver biopses.