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ECR 2020 - European Congress of RadiologyShaping the future of healthcare

ECR 2020 - Online only, no onsite congress

The European Society of Radiology announced to not to hold an onsite European Congress of Radiology in 2020 given the development of the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead the ECR 2020 will go ahead as an online congress taking place on July 15-19, 2020. Further information regarding this online event will be made available in the upcoming weeks.

We fully support this decision not to expose people to the risks posed by large gatherings at the moment. For more information please visit

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Shaping the digital transformation of imaging

At ECR 2020, we focus on the digital transformation of imaging and therapy to help you to improve patient care. Our intelligent imaging technologies, digital health and connected digital interventional solutions enables fast and accurate diagnosis, informed decision making along the patient journey and next generation treatment delivery to help you to deliver better outcomes while increasing efficiency.

Join us at this year’s ECR to see how we are expanding precision medicine and transforming care delivery, helping you to make the right decision at the right time for every patient – efficiently. Shaping the future of healthcare.

Intelligent imaging

Patient Focus
Assists in the data aquisition, generates accurate data

AI-powered clinical decisions

Artificial Intelligence

Integration and interpretation of data, creating actionable insights

Streamlined operations

Big Data Analytics

Improve workforce productivity and optimize asset utilization

Join us at the European Society of Radiology Congress 2020!

July 15-19, 2020



ecr 2020

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Investment and financing

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ecr 2020

The digitalization of healthcare provision is widely becoming acknowledged as an enabler to cope with rising demands, improving patient outcomes, but without incurring escalating costs. 'Priority Investment', the latest SFS Insight Study, asks global healthcare experts the priority areas for investment in digital transformation. The research conservatively estimates the global ‘investment challenge’ over a five year period for these investments.

ecr 2020

The pace of technological advancement places significant pressure on healthcare providers: they want access to powerful diagnostic and therapeutic technologies, but they also want to limit the financial risk of technology obsolescence after initial acquisition. Innovative financing solutions therefore become a vital aspect to enabling healthcare organizations meet the unique challenges associated to transforming healthcare. Siemens Healthineers’ latest whitepaper highlights how a combination of technical expertise and financial solidity can help healthcare providers unlock ‘frozen capital’ to improve the quality and value of care they deliver.

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