Screening Navigator for lung cancer diagnosis
Automate your screening program

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Screening Navigator for lung cancer diagnosis
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Siemens Healthineers Screening Navigator solution allows screening program managers to focus on patients instead of paperwork. By intuitively guiding users through the data collection needed to manage the screening process, Screening Navigator reduces the time spent manually recording, collating, and reporting on that data. Clear, comprehensive documentation improves program compliance, expedites required reporting, and, for the patient, minimizes the impact of disease by supporting early diagnosis.


Challenges & benefits

Implementing any type of screening program can be a major endeavor, including developing a workflow process, training referring physicians, promoting the program, and attracting screening candidates. The implementation of a successful screening program is quite a journey. Here are a few of the challenges you might encounter using manual data collection methods: 

  • It is difficult to capture and maintain data manually for proper reimbursement and value-based healthcare.
  • Manual generation of patient communication costs time and resources, and is error prone.
  • There may be insufficient time and resources for training on the multiple IT systems required to collect and manage your data.

For a successful program, you need an effective data management strategy. Screening Navigator supports your strategy by:

  • Facilitating the efficient collection of required data for screening programs
  • Enhancing clinical outcomes through improved patient communication
  • Guiding the user through the information capture process to facilitate complete capture of relevant data for screening
  • Collecting screening data in one application
  • Supporting the aggregation of patient information for trending and other population health management initiatives 

Our solution – Screening Navigator

Simplify your screening program by capturing, collecting, and reporting results in one system to improve the accuracy of patient data. Screening Navigator is a software module that supports the collection and storage of data intended for use in screening programs. The system also supports proper formatting of data for transmission to registries and governing bodies.

With Screening Navigator, you can easily capture all required screening data in one place and submit it to the American College of Radiology (ACR) to help facilitate proper and timely CMS reimbursement. Collecting lung screening data in a structured format in one system gives you two major advantages: The data will be aggregated and packaged for proper submission. You can also use the data to gain more insights allowing you to proactively manage the health of your population.

Track follow-up studies when patients keep their appointments as a result of timely system-generated communication, including reminder letters about scheduling follow-up visits. These capabilities increase patient satisfaction and reduce the clerical costs of manually generating patient communication.

Key concepts

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Screening Navigator is only available in the USA. The products/features (here mentioned) are not commercially available in all countries. Due to regulatory reasons their future availability cannot be guaranteed. Please contact your local Siemens Healthineers organization for further details.