RAPIDLyte Arterial Blood Sampling Syringes and Multicap Capillaries
Sampling accuracy, safety and flexibility to meet your clinical needs.

RAPIDLyte Arterial Blood Sampling Syringes and Multicap Capillaries
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A complete solution for arterial blood gas sampling and analysis.

Choice and Flexibility

  • RAPIDLyte samplers are fully compatible with Siemens blood gas analyzers and other leading manufacturers’ blood gas systems
  • Available in a variety of sizes and configurations to meet clinical needs in many clinical care settings: intensive care units, neonatal intensive care units, operating theaters, emergency departments, respiratory units and general wards
  • Offers a variety of auto-venting syringes, aspirating syringes, and multicap-S plastic capillaries

Accurate Results and Effective Management

  • Fast, easy air bubble removal helps to minimize gas dissolution into the sample
  • Dry-sprayed heparin helps eliminate dilution errors associated with liquid heparin
  • Our balanced heparin formulation helps to minimize electrolyte binding providing optimized anticoagulation with minimal interference


Improved Analytical Workflow

  • Advanced, dry-sprayed heparin formulations reduce the potential for clots, to help maximize uptime
  • Minimal-interference heparin formulations are electrode-friendly, providing higher performance over longer periods of time, with less maintenance


Enhanced User Safety and Convenience

  • Easy-to-use needle safety sheath offers simple, one-handed, auto-locking operation to reduce needlestick exposure
  • Filter cap eliminates the biohazard risks associated with expelling bubbles into gauze pads
  • Practical short bevel needle facilitates syringe positioning inside the artery to help avoid inadvertent puncturing of the anterior wall

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