CentraBytesTips for better automated workflows in your laboratory

Laboratories around the world are applying the power of automation and data management in the pursuit of workflow excellence and improved laboratory productivity. To help you fully leverage the capabilities of Siemens automation systems and IT products, we've packaged key lessons in easy-to-read communications called CentraBytes so that you can quickly review them and share with your colleagues.

Workflow metrics

NEW! Using metrics to assess and improve lab performance

With the availability of real-time data, labs are using metrics to spot trends, identify issues, troubleshoot, and fine-tune processes. Metrics are also a valuable tool for patient safety, timely patient management decisions, and overall efficiency.

Automating: Execution excellence

Additional courses are available as part of the Siemens Personalized Education Plan (PEP).* Register for a PEP account to learn about Lean concepts such as process mapping, value stream mapping, spaghetti mapping, and more.