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In cancer management, radiation therapy can play a crucial role. But the challenge is to radiate a tumor precisely while preserving the surrounding healthy tissue. Brachytherapy brings radiation directly to the tumor and image-guided brachytherapy can increase further the treatment, the accuracy and reduce side-effects and toxicities.1 The GEC-ESTRO handbook of brachytherapy2 and the ABS3 guidelines highlight the importance of 3D image-guided brachytherapy in improving treatment outcome and in reducing toxicity.4,5

Siemens Healthineers and Varian share a vision of creating a world without fear of cancer. Discover our imaging and treatment solutions for brachytherapy – and how they help you transform care delivery and optimize clinical operations.

Workflow solutions

Standard brachytherapy procedures allow radiation oncologists to get radiation directly to the tumor, minimizing dose to the surrounding healthy tissue. 

Brachytherapy Varian Ring Applicator Set

Applicator placement

In image-guided brachytherapy, the first step is to place the applicator or needles. This usually happens in the operating room.

Siemens Healthineers CT simulator SOMATOM go.Sim for image-guided Brachytherapy


Once the applicator is in place, a simulation image is acquired as a basis for treatment planning.

Clinical image treatment planning brachytherapy

Treatment planning

Based on the simulation image, the planner generates the treatment plan on the workstation using dedicated software – while the patient is waiting in the therapy room.

image-guided brachytherapy afterloader Bravos Varian


Once the treatment planning is done, the patient receives brachytherapy in the treatment room.

  • One drawback of the standard brachytherapy workflow: Patients need to be transferred twice – between applicator placement, imaging, and treatment.
  • These transfers are time and resource consuming and pose the risk of applicator displacement – which may result in a suboptimal brachytherapy procedure.
  • The standard workflow also requires manual length measurement of each channel prior to treatment – which is time consuming and could result in human measurement errors.

Discover how you can save both time and effort with our imaging and treatment solutions

Imaging solutions

Opt for high image quality for precise therapy planning

For effective brachytherapy procedures, you need to see the tumor and the applicator clearly for accurate therapy planning and treatment. Discover our CT and MR imaging solutions for 3D image-guided brachytherapy.


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