Achieving Clinical and Operational Excellence with Connected Point-of-care InstrumentsSpeaker: Felicity Dempsey

Felicity Dempsey, Founder and Head, POCT Consultancy Services, Dublin, Ireland

Achieving Clinical and Operational Excellence with Connected Point-of-care Instruments

As point-of-care coordinator at St. James's Hospital, Felicity Dempsey embarked on a quest to standardize and connect POC devices. Join us and learn how she found a complete solution that provided connectivity among all her devices and also enabled remote management and monitoring from the PC in her office. She will discuss the specific requirements she sought in a solution, the metrics she established for successful implementation, and how it impacted the hospital's training program.

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  • Review the complexity and current challenges of POCT across different sites in large hospital systems.
  • Understand the accreditation criteria and how they can be met.
  • Recognize the value of connecting hundreds of instruments across multiple sites.
  • Examine the operational framework of how hundreds of instruments and thousands of operators can be managed effectively to achieve POC testing objectives.

P.A.C.E. and ACCENT credits are available to registrants who participate.

  • Nurses, physicians, and physicians’ assistants who cover point-of-care testing in their practices
  • Point-of-care coordinators
  • Laboratory personnel

Register and view the on-demand webinar at SelectScience.

Felicity Dempsey

Felicity Dempsey is the founder and head of POCT Consultancy Services based in Dublin, Ireland. Prior to starting her own company, Felicity was a specialist medical scientist in the Biochemistry Department at St. James's Hospital. She has worked in both small and large laboratories during her career, and this experience proved invaluable during her time as POCT manager at St. James's Hospital. Felicity spent over 10 years as POCT manager and grew the program from two blood gas analyzers and several types of glucose meters to a fully connected POCT system involving over 150 POCT devices. St. James's Hospital is the first connected POCT system to achieve accreditation to ISO 15189/22870 and is now a reference site for Siemens Healthineers POCT products. Felicity was a featured participant in workshops in Boston, MA, and Lisbon, Portugal, in the last year in which she discussed future trends and developments in POCT. Felicity speaks regularly at scientific meetings to promote POCT as a vital discipline in the laboratories of the future. She is also a member of the Irish POCT Advisory Body and a fellow of the Academy of Medical Laboratory Science. Her mission is to ensure that the same standards of quality achieved in the main laboratory are achieved in the POCT quality-management system.