Siemens Healthineers Executive Summit

Siemens Healthineers 

Executive Summit 2022

October 20 - 21, 2022

Munich, Germany

2022 Event

The Executive Summit is a unique networking platform where we bring together the driving forces behind healthcare: People who think in new and different ways. Value that guides us. Topics that motivate us. Insights that lead to new technologies. 

At the Siemens Healthineers Executive Summit 2022, we will spend the day discussing trends in healthcare: What is available now? What new opportunities are awaiting us? And what do we need today to prepare for what’s coming next? Get ready to start the conversation.

Save the date for 2022:
October 20-21, 2022
Munich, Germany

More information on the agenda and speakers will follow.

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Siemens Healthineers Executive Summit is an invitation-only exclusive event gathering prominent healthcare executives to think big about the healthcare transformation. We connect and network with a selected group of the most influential CEOs from healthcare systems around the world to share forward-thinking ideas about the challenges of tomorrow in the industry.

What you can expect at the Siemens Healthineers Executive Summit 2022:

  • Network with a selected group of global leaders in healthcare
  • Actively participate in lively discussions about the transformation of healthcare
  • Share forward-thinking ideas with your peers

Watch the video to get an impression of the Executive Summit 2019

Healthcare leaders from across the globe gathered in Amsterdam on October 8th to spend a day sharing and discussing creative solutions to the challenges facing our industry. At the 2019 Siemens Healthineers Executive Summit 200 top executives, decision makers and thought leaders have been exclusively invited to a full-day series of panels, discussions and networking events.

Why join us?

The Siemens Healthineers Executive Summit is an exclusive, unique networking platform gathering healthcare executives, experts and transformational leaders worldwide.

The Executive Summit is an invitation only event. Please contact us for more information on the registration process.

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57 top-level speakers

The Executive Summit offers the opportunity to learn the best practices and gain insights, with a total fifty-seven top-level executives having participated in the past three summits.

Be Innovative

15h thought leadership content

Deep dive into healthcare topics that matter to you, and benefit from an exclusive 15-hour thought leadership program. Discuss solutions and tomorrow's opportunities.

Speak Up

40 countries

Build a global network and connect yourself with your peers, such as healthcare executives, industry experts, and transformational leaders from over 40 countries.

Speakers who joined us at the previous Executive Summits

Executive Summit 2019 Stephen Klasko

Stephen K. Klasko

Former President and CEO of Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health

Executive Summit 2019 Paul Rothman

Paul B. Rothman 

Dean of the Medical Faculty & CEO, Johns Hopkins Medicine

Executive Summit 2019 Rasu Shrestha

Rasu Shrestha

EVP & CSTO, Atrium Health

Executive Summit 2019 John Halamka

John D. Halamka

President, Mayo Clinic Platform

Executive Summit 2019 Atul Butte

Atul Butte

Chief Data Scientist, University of California Health & Director, Bakar Computational Health Sciences Institute

Executive Summit 2019 Susan DeVore

Susan DeVore

CEO, Premier Inc.

Executive Summit 2019 David Asch

David Asch 

ED, Center for Health Care Innovation & Professor, Perelman School of Medicine & Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania 

Executive Summit 2019 Aravind

Aravind Srinivasan

Director – Projects, Aravind Eye Care System

Executive Summit 2019 Axel Heitmueller

Axel Heitmueller

MD, Imperial College Health Partners

Toby Cosgrove Executive Summit

Toby Cosgrove

Former CEO and President, Cleveland Clinic

Peter Pisters Executive Summit

Peter WT Pisters

President, MD Anderson Cancer Center

Hathaway Executive Summit

Melissa Hathaway

President of Hathaway Global Strategies LCC

Executive Summit 2019 Ajai Kumar

BS Ajaikumar

Chairman & CEO, HealthCare Global Enterprises Ltd.

Executive Summit 2017 Amy Compton Philips

Amy Compton-Phillips 

Chief Clinical Officer and Executive Vice President at Providence St. Joseph Health

Executive Summit 2017 Jason Wolf

Jason A. Wolf

President & CEO, The Beryl Institute

Executive Summit 2017 Lawrence Chu

Lawrence Chu 

MD, Stanford University & Executive Director of Stanford Medicine X

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Please contact us for more information on the Siemens Healthineers Executive Summit and the registration process.