Tissue Preparation SystemExtract More from Less.

The Siemens Tissue Preparation Solution includes a Tissue Preparation System and the VERSANT® Tissue Preparation Reagents kit. Using magnetic particle-based isolation and proprietary bead technology, this solution provides a more efficient and reproducible process for the isolation of high-quality nucleic acids from formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) and fresh frozen (FF) tissues./p>

  • Offers a fully automated process including the full integration of deparaffinization
  • Eliminates the use of organic solvents and centrifugation steps associated with deparaffinization
  • Enables co-extraction of DNA and RNA from a single extraction process with a single set of reagents
  • Provides a standardized lysis step for all samples
  • Delivers highly reproducible results
  • Processes up to 48 samples in about 4 hours