Animated GIF showing the Revolutionary Sample Management Technology on Atellica Solution from Siemens Healthineers

Atellica Solution Immunoassay & Clinical Chemistry Analyzers

Engineered to deliver control and simplicity so you can focus on driving better outcomes

Flexible, scalable, automation-ready immunoassay and clinical chemistry analyzers featuring patented bidirectional magnetic sample transport technology; the flexibility to create over 300 customizable configurations; and a broad assay menu with proven detection technologies.

Features & Benefits

Atellica® Solution, powered by Atellica® Integrated Automation (AIA), is a breakthrough answer to your pressing lab challenges. With unprecedented flexibility and a broad and growing menu of over 200 highly specific and sensitive assays, the Atellica Solution combines workflow and clinical excellence to empower your lab to meet evolving testing needs.

Primary user interface

Atellica® Sample Handler

Atellica® CH 930 Analyzer

Atellica® IM Analyzer

Atellica Magline® Transport

Atellica® Decapper

Atellica Asa Application

Atellica® Sealer

    Atellica Integrated Automation

    Atellica® Integrated Automation consolidates revolutionary sample management technology, intelligent software, and IT to provide workflow efficiency with the flexibility to add decapping with little or no additional footprint.

    Experience the new standard in sample management Revolutionary technology that gives independent control over every sample

    Built-in revolutionary sample management technology

    Atellica Solution Sorting Feature

    Integrated sample sorting, retrieval, and archiving functions throughout all phases of testing

    Atellica Asa operator tablet

    Sophisticated, yet simple, built-in software seamlessly connects to your existing LIS to make it easy to run laboratory operations

    Atellica Decapper

    Flexibility to add decapping with little or no additional footprint


    Chemistry test menu for use outside the U.S.

    Immunoassay test menu for use outside the U.S.

    Technical Details

    Atellica Chemistry Analyzer

    Atellica® CH 930 Analyzer

    • Clinical chemistry analyzer that runs up to 1800 tests per hour1
      • Photometric: up to 1200 tests per hour1
      • Integrated multisensor technology (IMT): up to 600 tests per hour1
    • Onboard capacity: 70 assays (67 reagent positions and three IMTs)
    • Sample management via Atellica® Sample Handler or Atellica® Direct Load
    Atellica IM Analyzer

    Atellica® IM Analyzer

    • Mid-volume and high-volume options in the same footprint
      • Atellica IM 1300 Analyzer: up to 220 tests per hour1
      • Atellica IM 1600 Analyzer: up to 440 tests per hour1
    • Proprietary patented design of the Atellica IM incubation ring and wash ring functions
    • Proven acridinium ester (AE) technology
    • 42 primary assay positions, 35 ancillary reagent positions
    • Sample management via Atellica® Sample Handler or Atellica® Direct Load
    Atellica SampleHandler

    Atellica® Sample Handler

    • High-capacity sample-processing component
    • Over 40 different sample container types accommodated
    • Capacity: Up to 440 samples
    • Multi-camera vision system with 360º view
    • Automatic and specific sample sorting, retrieval, and archiving functions to manage samples throughout all phases of testing
    • Automatic quality control and calibration
      • 60 controls and calibrators stored in a separate, dedicated, onboard, covered, refrigerated compartment and shared by connected analyzers
      • Automated scheduling and delivery
    Atellica Direct Load

    Atellica®  Direct Load

    • Sample processing component for a single Atellica® CH or IM analyzer
    • Capacity: 60 tubes
    • Throughput: 250 tubes per hour
    Atellica Direct Load

    Atellica® Decapper

    • Integrates decapping into the analytical workflow of Atellica® Solution2 with little or no additional footprint
    • Multiple placement options possible
    • Throughput: 300–500 tubes per hour (depending on placement in the configuration)

    Atellica Direct Load

    Atellica® Sealer

    • Integrates sealing into the post-analytical workflow of Atellica Solution with little additional footprint 
    • Requires no regular manual maintenance except wipe-down during foil roll replacement 
    • Throughput: up to 480 tubes/hour