Deep Resolve in MRI

The next generation of AI

Deep Resolve is an AI-powered image reconstruction technology that uses convolutional neural networks to accelerate MR scans, making them faster than ever before. Faster scans increase workflow efficiency and improve the patient experience. Deep Resolve's raw data-to-image reconstruction and very fast acquisition are game changers in MRI, helping to generate actionable insights that can be diagnostically relevant. An open interface encourages collaboration and co-creation in a secure digital environment. Deep Resolve technology takes another step towards a healthier world for all, driving the digitalization of healthcare and improving the patient experience by safely developing AI-powered solutions in MRI.

Available for MAGNETOM Vida, MAGNETOM Altea, MAGNETOM Lumina, MAGNETOM Sola

Shaping next gen AI

Shaping next gen AI

AI-based image reconstruction is the next chapter in the digital future of magnetic resonance imaging. With Deep Resolve technologies, Siemens Healthineers applies AI to image acquisition and uses deep learning for accelerated image reconstruction. With a convolutional neural network at its core, it can radically shorten acquisition time without compromising image resolution. We have a solid foundation of state-of-the-art med-tech and curated data from an international network and continue to drive the digitalization of healthcare and improve the patient experience by securely developing AI-powered solutions in MRI.

Acquiring sharper images faster

Targeted denoising and deep learning methods power Deep Resolve Gain* and Deep Resolve Sharp* technologies for sharper images acquired in faster scans. Deep Resolve Sharp generates a high-resolution image from low-resolution input. By including raw data in the reconstruction process, clinically robust results are achieved that, in combination with Deep Resolve Gain targeted denoising, outperform classical denoising and interpolation.

Deep Resolve Boost** is our first raw data-to-image deep learning reconstruction technology that enables high SNR and radically accelerated image acquisition.

*Available for MAGNETOM Vida, MAGNETOM Altea, MAGNETOM Lumina, MAGNETOM Sola

** Available for MAGNETOM Vida and MAGNETOM Lumina

Clinical examples

Partnering for innovation

Partnering for innovation

Digital innovation in healthcare requires open minds and an open space for fresh approaches to challenges. Deep Resolve has a developer-friendly open digital interface for co-creation and knowledge exchange with partners. For example, our partnership with Subtle Medical helps us further enhance and streamline workflows in our MR scanners. Standardized communication protocols make it easy to collaborate and cooperate for innovation and translation into clinical practice. As a trusted technology leader, Siemens Healthineers drives the digitalization of MR imaging by providing a future-proof, secure platform for innovation.

Customer experiences

<p>Dr. Dehem, Jan Yperman Hospital&nbsp;</p>
<p>Dr. Verswijvel, Ziekenhuis Oost-Limburg</p>
<p>Dr. Sofie Van Cauter, Ziekenhuis Oost-Limburg Genk&nbsp;</p>

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