Stromal Tumor Causing Intestinal Bleeding – a Diagnostic Workup using CT

Mei Jiang, MD*; Shuipei Xue*; Xi Zhao, MD**, and Prof. Bixian Shen, MD*
*Department of Radiology, Shenzhen Nanshan Hospital, Guangdong, P.R. China
**Siemens Healthineers China

A 57-year-old female patient, complaining of three episodes of sudden chest distress with sweating and one onset of short syncope within the past ten hours, was admitted for clarification. Cardiac workups excluded a cardiac event. Due to the fact that the patient had tarry stool in the past three days along with recent weight loss, chronic gastricism and anemia, gastrointestinal track bleeding was suspected. A colonoscopy performed was unsuspicious and an added upper endoscopy was also unable to locate the site of bleeding. An abdominal CT examination was then requested for further investigation.