AACC Spotlight: Free Light Chain Testing
Add confidence and consistency to your results when monitoring multiple myeloma patients. Access a peer-reviewed article today.

FLC Testing at AACC 2019

FLC kappa and lambda measurements are used as an aid in the diagnosis and monitoring of monoclonal disorders. FLC assays have rigorous requirements for analytical performance and must be specific, reliable, and sensitive.

At AACC, learn more about solutions that deliver the specificity, reliability, sensitivity, and lot-to-lot consistency required for the diagnosis and monitoring of patients with monoclonal gammopathies, including multiple myeloma. Siemens Healthineers N Latex FLC kappa and N Latex FLC lambda assays are highly sensitive reagents for the quantitative determination of free light chains in human serum and plasma, designed for use on the BNTM II and BN ProSpec® systems.

N Latex FLC kappa and lambda assays are now available in the U.S.

Visit us and speak with our experts in Booth #1039 at AACC 2019 in Anaheim, 4–8 August 2019.

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