SOMATOM Edge Plus CT scanner

SOMATOM Edge Plusin Radiation Therapy

Características y Beneficios

  1. Direct Laser Steering

    Fast and seamless workflow for patient marking (Optional, requires syngo.via RT Image Suite)

  2. Fast scanning at 230 mm/s

    0.28 s rotation plus 1.7 pitch

  3. Touch Panels

    Enhanced patient care

    • Facilitated patient interaction
    • Easy patient marking

  4. Tin/Gold Split Filter(optional)

    Improve target delineation with TwinBeam Dual Energy

  5. Straton® MX Sigma X-ray tube

    Precise power plus precise dose management

    • 100kW generator
    • 10kV Steps
    • CARE kV

  6. Motion Management

    Comprehensive Respiratory Motion Management

    • Streamlined 4D guided workflow
    • FAST 4D
    • DirectBreathhold

  7. 78-cm bore

    Comfort plus capacity 

  8. DirectDensityTM(optional)

    Eliminating the need for tube voltage dependent calibration to unlock the use of different kV settings

  9. FAST CARE technology

    High-performance workflows plus fine-tuned balance of image quality and dose

  10. StellarInfinity detector boosted by iterative reconstruction

     Low-signal detection plus low dose

  11. Multipurpose table(Optional)

    • A smooth integration in the RT department with RT table top and overlay
    • Accommodate diverse patients
    • Easy access

Scan virtually all patients with diagnostic confidence – including obese persons, children, and patients unable to cooperate.  

Patients with different habitus treatment on Edge Plus
How do you deal with patients with different habitus?
  • How do you deal with patients with different habitus?
    Optimize image quality for every patient by combining DirectDensity® and 10kV steps in your routine.
  • How do you deal with patients with metal implants?
    Precise reduction of metal artifacts with iMAR.
  • How do you deal with motion artifacts?
    High speed scan, reconstruction and post processing combined with powerful and comprehensive motion management solutions - DirectBreathhold, FAST 4D, Mid-Ventilation approach, and 4D multimodality imaging.


Improve your reputation with new level of treatment insight. Functional imaging information and tissue characterization - acquired with no dose or time penalty.

functional imaging with Dual Energy
How can you improve treatment approach with additional information?
  • How can you improve treatment approach with additional information?
    Functional imaging in RT with Dual Energy CT
  • What if you had easy access to advanced imaging research applications?
    Get the most out of your images and revolutionize your ability to perform CT in RT research


When you need to avoid patient or applicator movement and want to benefit from excellent image quality in radiation therapy, let SOMATOM CT Sliding Gantry empower you to make treatment decisions with great confidence.

SOMATOM Edge Plus Sliding Gantry
What if you would increase process efficiency by using Sliding gantry CT?
  • What if you would increase process efficiency by using Sliding Gantry CT?
    The CT gantry slides on rails over the patient, so table and accessories remain stationary.
  • What if you went beyond precise patient positioning?
    - Imaging for brachytherapy without patient and applicator motion
    - Evaluation of anatomical changes and replanning to support adaptive concepts in particle therapy
  • A successful story of strategic partnership between Siemens Healthineers and Varian: CT Sliding gantry in Varian PT room


Uso Clínico

Especificaciones Técnicas


StellarInfinity detector

Number of acquired slices:


Number of reconstructed slices:


Spatial resolution:

0.30 mm

Rotation time:

0.28 s

In-plane temporal resolution:

142 ms

Generator power:

100 kW

kV steps:

70, 80, 90, 100, 110, 120, 130, 140 kV

Max. scan speed:

23 cm/s

Table load:

up to 307 kg / 676 lbs

Gantry opening:

78 cm