Sistema de Análisis de Sangre epoc®

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Sistema de Análisis de Sangre epoc®
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Streamline patient-testing workflow.

By moving testing to the patient’s side, caregivers, patients, and hospital administration all benefit from a less-complex testing process that improves turnaround times, patient care, and operational efficiencies.

Accelerate clinical decision making.

Empower clinicians to make faster decisions with lab-quality results at the patient’s side, enhancing clinical decision making and improving patient outcomes.

Simplify inventory management.

By incorporating a full menu on a single, room temperature-stable test card bar-coded for quality assurance, the epoc system delivers a more efficient and easy-to-manage patient-side testing program.

Deliver real-time results and reporting.

With an integrated, wireless connection, you can easily transmit results from the patient’s side to the EMR/LIS/HIS in real time and gain centralized control of decentralized testing.

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