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Hand-selected systems specific to your individual situation

Sometimes, you just need a profitable imaging system, even for low patient throughput. You might require an immediate replacement, a back-up system next to your existing one or an interim solution until your new system arrives. Maybe you have a tight budget for new investments. There are many reasons why clinical institutions need to make smart buying decisions to stay competitive in the long run.

With Circuline1, you can access hand-selected, pre-owned imaging systems at an economical price. The systems are reconditioned based on a stringent process to meet your high quality expectations – and allowing you to contribute to the circular economy in healthcare. Contact us to find out about the availability of Circuline systems in your country.

Pre-owned imaging equipment

Pre-owned Radiology Equipment Ciruline

Contact us to check the availability of pre-owned imaging radiology equipment in your country.

Circuline means that you receive innovative technology from Siemens Healthineers at an economical price. The pre-owned systems are all hand-selected specific to your individual situation – whether you need a high-end system for a particular clinical field or one that serves your daily needs. Almost all our imaging modalities are available as Circuline. Explore our portfolio!2

Purchasing a pre-owned, reconditioned system also has environmental benefits. Let’s join forces in fostering a circular economy in healthcare!

Join the circular economy in healthcare

Extend the lifecycle of a system by purchasing a Circuline system – and help us to reuse materials and reduce waste.

Acquire the refurbished imaging equipment in your country

Reduce CO2 emissions with minimal transportation routes – as Circuline systems are usually reinstalled in the same region.

Reconditioning process

When deciding for a Circuline system, you can enjoy peace of mind. Because you purchase reconditioned imaging equipment directly from us, Siemens Healthineers, the original manufacturer. You can be sure that each system is hand-selected by our experts – and meets our high quality standards. Of course, we also handle deinstallation and installation of the system. Learn more about our Circuline process:

    Additional offerings

    After the Circuline system is installed at your institution, we support you throughout the entire lifecycle of your system. Explore our broad offering of additional services: