¿Por qué escoger el Servicio de Equipo Controlado de Siemens?Making the right choice for MES


A comprehensive customer solution including the complete range of imaging modalities and a large portfolio of clinical equipment. Installation, maintenance, training, financing, asset management and healthcare consulting can all be part of the overall package, providing a total technology solution

Budgetary certainty: all fees are fixed at the start of the Project, with clearly defined transparent processes for change management to guarantee flexibility.
Equipment downtime is reduced. Financial penalties are incurred for poor performance. That means: ‘no service – no fee’!

With an MES contract, Siemens Healthcare assumes and manages the key risks thereby reducing operational, technological and financial uncertainties for our customers.

A long term contract needs flexibility, and MES is designed to offer the level of flexibility and transparency required to accommodate regulatory, clinical, technology and market driven changes.

We provide the option of transferring the existing installed base of medical equipment into the MES Project, and offer comprehensive project management services within the MES to assess equipment, optimize the portfolio, and then reduce clinical disruption during transition.

Pro-active monitoring and management of assets informs equipment replacement decisions in order to optimize asset lifecycles and promote improved utilization.

As a manufacturer, Siemens Healthcare offers a comprehensive portfolio including: medical imaging devices, in vitro diagnostics, interventional systems and clinical information technology systems. All cover a broad range of technologies from high-end solutions to products addressing only essential clinical requirements.

We are a vendor-neutral MES provider. We want to provide you with the choice of equipment best suited to your requirements.

Our diverse teams of professionals from a variety of healthcare fields, with different service and clinical backgrounds, ensure a deep understanding of your requirements.

With more than a decade of MES experience in managing numerous projects all over the world, we have the expertise to handle your hospital equipment requirements.

As one of the largest suppliers to the healthcare industry, we combine a solid financial basis with an outstanding competitive position.

Every project is unique; we mutually develop solutions to support your strategic goals and establish a deep and trusting partnership.