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The AI-Rad Companion is a family of algorithms that is made available through the teamplay Digital Health Platform.

The purpose is to automatically post-process imaging scans, segment relevant anatomies and do different quantifications of interest to:

1. support clinical quality,
2. increase efficiency
3. increase the reader’s confidence.

Scans are directly sent from the scanner to the AI-Rad Companion, post-processed and sent back to the PACS. There the enriched data sets are available when the patient is opened for image interpretation.
The AI-Rad Companion can be used with scanners from a variety of vendors, not only with equipment from Siemens Healthineers.

The AI-Rad Companion Chest X-ray automatically characterizes radiographic findings for a valid chest scan in the lung and  pleura. It works like a second or third reader to support radiologists in differential diagnosis and clinical decision-making. It is capable of characterizing lesions (nodules, masses, and granuloma), alveolar patterns, atelectasis, pleural effusions, and pneumothorax. The algorithm not only characterizes the findings, it also automatically highlights and links them to the appropriate anatomy/location.
This is extremely important as the location of a finding leads to differential diagnosis and treatment pathways.
The AI-Rad Companion Chest X-ray helps radiologists to save time and supports them in accurate decision-making.
The AI-Rad Companion Chest X-ray can process all kinds of digital chest PA X-ray images, independently of the manufacturer of the X-ray unit.

The follow clinical outcomes are generated by the AI-Rad Companion Chest X-ray: