Changing views in Computed Tomography


Get CT scans with high contrast at all times: SOMATOM Edge Plus delivers low-dose images without compromising on image quality – for every individual. But see for yourself!

Lung scan of an extremely obese 44-year-old patient

The large bore and robust table allow easy positioning of obese patients. High power and 10 kV Steps deliver high image quality at the right dose.

Thorax, abdomen, pelvis scan of a two-year-old child after trauma

The CTDIvol is just 1.09 mGy – thanks to low-kV scanning, the StellarInfinity detector, and dedicated child protocols.

Spectral-shaped sinusitis exam (Sn100 kV) at dose levels like conventional X-ray

This tin-filtered scan reduces the CT dose to X-ray levels.

Changing patient outcomes: 4D analysis of an aortic endoleak

Long-range dynamic 4D studies with Adaptive 4D Spiral help to improve accuracy of the detection and quantification of stenosis.

Incidental finding: virtual non-contrast (VNC) imaging of kidney lesion

Dual Energy in routine oncology workflow enabled by TwinBeam Dual Energy and FAST DE Results/Rapid Results.

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