Expert views on Biograph Vision

What can Biograph Vision, our most advanced PET/CT system, do for your patients? We asked clinicians and technologists at leading institutions to tell us, in their own words.
Male patient on Siemens Healthineers Biograph Vision PET/CT scanner bed with female tech.

Accuracy to reveal the bigger picture

See smaller lesions, with better contrast. Here’s what the experts say about the accuracy of Biograph Vision:

Performance to maximize efficiency

Market-leading time of flight and sensitivity1,2 mean lower patient exposure and reduced tracer cost.3 Learn what the performance of Biograph Vision can do for your patients:

Reproducibility to understand disease progression better

Absolute quantification and improved resolution and effective sensitivity3 enable you to evaluate treatment effectiveness earlier. The experts tell us how this affects their practice:

1Based on competitive literature available at time of publication. Data on file.

2Based on internal measurements available at time of publication. Data on file.

3Compared to current state-of-the-art technologies. Data on file.