Biograph mMR
From simultaneous to synergistic MR-PET

Biograph mMR
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We've designed the first PET detectors that allow the integration of whole-body MR and PET - without compromising the performance of either modality.

Magnet System 
Field strength3 Tesla
Bore size60 cm / 1.97 ft
Magnet length (cover to cover)199 cm / 6.53 ft
Helium consumptionZero Helium boil-off technology
ShimmingPassive and active; Automatic, patient specific shim; 3 linear and 5 non-linear (2nd order)
Gradient strengthMQ Gradients (45 mT/m @200 T/m/s)
RF technology 
Maximum number of channels1102
Number of independent receiver channels that can be used simultaneously in one single scan and in one single FoV, each generating an independent partial image18, 32
Siting and Installation 
System length incl. patient table335 cm / 10.99 ft
System weight (in operation)9 tons / 19,842.60 lb
Power requirement110 kVA connection
Minimum room size233 m2 / 355 sq ft
PET Detectors 
Crystal materialLSO
Crystal element dimension4 mm x 4 mm x 20 mm    
Transverse spatial resolution (NEMA 2012) 
FWHM @ 1 cm4.6 mm
Sensitivity14.1 cps/kBq
Peak NEC rate (at ≤26 kBq/cc)180 kcps
Axial FoV for PET258 mm


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1Channels (coil elements) that can be connected simultaneously.

2Minimum total space requirement for magnet, electronics, and console room.