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Biograph mMR has revealed additional findings and led to a change in therapy in 18%1 of oncologic staging and follow-up patients. With syngo MR E11, we enhance an already leading Synergistic MR-PET. Now, you can improve diagnostic accuracy and standardize quality.

Benefit from motion-free PET images with MR-based motion compensation beyond gating

Cancer rates are increasing globally. Over 14 million adults were diagnosed with cancer in 2012.2 At the same time treatment cost can become excessive.3 Biograph mMR is the key to more accurate diagnostic accuracy - for example with the Siemens' unique BodyCOMPASS. This technology enables motion-free PET images with MR-based motion compensation beyond gating, also in challenging body regions like the abdomen.

Further solution to increase diagnostic capabilities:

Advance PET attenuation correction with whole-body 5-compartment model including bones and HUGE

Metabolic information from PET adds important data to the morphological and anatomical information from the MR. So far only air, fat, water, and tissue were included. Now, by including all major bones into the patient attenuation map, the evaluation of lesions in and close to bones is improved. Improve diagnostic capabilities with the unique whole-body 5-compartment model to reach the new level of Synergistic MR-PET.

Improve diagnostic capabilities with these solutions:

  • Overcome truncations in the arms by extending the FoV of MR to the edges of the bore with HUGE
  • Achieve independence from tracer by utilizing fully MR-based attenuation correction 

Deliver exceptional quality and speed in MR-PET with the latest MR innovations

Diverse requests from referrers and varying compliance of patients such as children4 or very ill patients places further challenges on an already competitive healthcare environment. With the latest software platform syngo MR E11, Biograph mMR helps answer these demands and provides a consistent and standardized quality of care.

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4MR scanning has not been established as safe for imaging fetuses and infants less than two years of age. The responsible physician must evaluate the benefits of the MR examination compared to those of other imaging procedures