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MRI in Radiation Therapy
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The MAGNETOM World is the community of Siemens MR users worldwide, providing you with relevant clinical information. Here you will find application tips and protocols to optimize your daily work. Lectures and presentations from experts in the field will allow you to be exposed to new ideas and alternative clinical approaches.

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MReadings: MR in RT, 5th Edition, ESTRO 2019

Guest Editor: Jürgen Debus, University Hospital Heidelberg, Germany

MReadings: MR in RT, 4th Edition, ESTRO 2018

Guest Editor: Paul Keall, Sydney Medical School, University of Sydney, Australia

MReadings: MR in RT, 3rd Edition, ESTRO 2017

Guest Editor: David Jaffray, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, Toronto, Canada

MReadings: MR in RT, Second Extended Edition

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