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Compressed Sensing
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Get beyond the barrier of acquisition speed

Compressed Sensing (CS) is an exciting new method with the potential to accelerate MR imaging beyond what is possible with any other method. The successful utilization of Compressed Sensing is a team play of data acquisition and image reconstruction. Read the articles below to learn how it works.

Christoph Forman explains the three golden rules of Compressed Sensing

Watch the video and learn how the technology works.

Compressed Sensing: a Paradigm Shift in MRI

Christoph Forman et al.

Compressed Sensing: the Flowchart

Mathias Blasche et al.

Compressed Sensing: a Metaphor

Mathias Blasche

The Rapid Imaging Renaissance

Daniel K. Sodickson, Ph.D., M.D., New York University Langone Medical Center, New York, USA

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