Our Highlights at the KCR 2018
ArtificiaI Intelligence and Medical Imaging

Our Highlights at the KCR 2018
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Siemens Healthineers Future Room

Artificial Intelligence will be the hot topic at this year's KCR. We provide you a virtual peek into what we are showcasing at KCR 2018 to say about AI's impact on medical imaging. At KCR 2018, experience the future innovations and technology of medical imaging by Siemens Healthineers Experts. Let's shape the future of imaging. Together.

[Session Topic]

  • The future of Siemens Healthineers AI / General by exert, Paul Jamous
  • Siemens Healthineers CT AI prototype demo / CT by expert, SeongYong, Pak
  • Siemens Healthineers MR AI prototype demo / MR by expert, YoHan, Son

Future Room

  • Venue: Siemens Healthineers Booth #G-01, COEX B2 Hall 1F
  • Date: 13-15 September, 2018

Register E-mail: jihyun.huh@siemens-healthineers.com / 02-3450-7699

Luncheon Symposium at the KCR 2018

Be sure to plan your visit to our Luncheon Symposium for a live discovery of innovative CT imaging solutions

  • Date: 15(Sat.) September 2018
  • Time: 12:40-1:40 PM
  • Venue: Grand Ball Room, 1F #103, COEX Convention Center, Seoul, Korea


Lecture 1: Research Collaboration Experiences with Siemens Healtlhineers CT
Lecture 2: Pediatric Cardiac CT: No Longer just Morphology

Moderator: Dr. Goo, JinMo (Seoul National University Hospital)

Featured Special Lectures and Speaker: Dr.Goo, HyunWoo (Asan Medical Center)

Contact : naejung.hwang@siemens-healthineers.com / 02-3450-7685