Ultrasound Transducer Catalog

Ultrasound Transducer Catalog

Technology behind the beautiful

Gesture-detecting technology – Advanced accelerometer technology, proprietary software, coupled with gesture-detecting technology enables Siemens Healthineers InTune™ transducers to recognize sonographer interaction. A double tap motion activates the transducer for “ready to scan” mode, to help reduce daily repetitive reach and keyboard interactions due to switching between multiple transducers. Incorporating automation electronics, such as gesture-detecting technology, into transducers is just one of the many ways Siemens Healthineers is transforming healthcare delivery to improve clinical workflow, allowing clinicians more time to focus on their patients.

Multi-D – High element density transducers allow dynamic elevation aperture control according to one’s imaging needs. By changing the shape of the acoustic transmit signal, clinicians are able to clearly focus on smaller regions of interest than ever before while maintaining elevation slice thickness throughout the image. By leveraging Multi-D technology Siemens Healthineers is able to provide deep imaging capabilities of up to 40-cm-depth; helping clinicians to better detect focal lesions in high-BMI patients and reduce diagnostic uncertainty and potentially unnecessary patient testing.

Single-crystal Piezoelectric – The latest generation single-crystal piezoelectric designs offer wider bandwidths for better harmonic imaging and axial resolution, and greater sensitivity for deeper penetration and clearer imaging. At Siemens Healthineers one of many transducer design considerations is selecting technology that is best suited for the job. Utilizing material specific to the clinical requirement and market segment is critical to ensure customer needs are supported.

Thermal management – The ability to generate and utilize the maximum amount of acoustic power while managing heat dissipation is one way Siemens defines transducer efficiency. At Siemens Healthineers we’ve incorporated novel thermal management technology along with targeted design optimization of the acoustic stack and transducer body to enable deeper penetration and stronger signals where possible, while meeting regulatory standards.