Siemens Guardian Program™
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Siemens Guardian Program™

Voice of the Customer
“Any technical device can experience malfunction eventually. In this case, we depend on quick and professional support from the supplier. And we can always rely on Siemens.”

Karl-Heinz Stump, Chief of Medical Technology, Caritas Hospital Bad Mergentheim, Germany

Case Study

Acting proactively instead of reactively

The Caritas Hospital and Siemens have been working together successfully for many years, especially in the area of service. In 2004, the hospital was one of the first in Germany to introduce the Siemens Guardian Program for a cath lab. In this department especially, system availability and reliability are essential. If a system fails there, emergency patients would possibly have to be transferred or maybe not even admitted. This would lead to needless delays to the patient’s treatment. Moreover, the working processes both in the cath lab and in the referring departments in and out of the hospital could be hindered.

Proactive real-time monitoring

The Guardian Program offers the best possible system availability and reliability through proactive remote system monitoring in real time. Experts at the Siemens Service Center monitor the systems continuously via remote access. Deviations from norm values are registered and malfunctions discovered before the customer experiences any problems. “Any technical device can experience malfunction eventually,” says Karl-Heinz Stump, Chief of Medical Technology at the Caritas Hospital. “In this case, we depend on quick and professional support from the supplier. And we can always rely on Siemens.”

Remote Service: Immediate troubleshooting

If an error message appears, a Siemens expert will immediately notify the customer. Many system deviations can be solved instantly through the Siemens Remote Service platform that connects the system to the Siemens Service Center. If a more substantial problem occurs, the Siemens technician can at least bring the necessary replacement part with him. Before Guardian was implemented, the technician had to search for the cause of the error on-site, which prolonged the time required for repair.

99 Percent system availability

Karl-Heinz Stump of the Caritas Hospital Bad Mergentheim is satisfied: “With the Guardian Program, malfunctions are resolved preventatively, which has avoided a possible subsequent disruption to the operating procedure. In 2007, system availability was further increased up to 99 percent – with a parallel operational availability of 24 hours. During the year, 18 service reports occurred, 10 of which were solved using the remote service. For example, the Siemens experts advised us to unlock the automatic emergency control that the cleaning staff had touched accidentally. These reports are responsible in particular for the impressive availability and reliability of the system.”

Long-term cost savings

As regards costs, the proactive Siemens service is also attractive: “Without the Guardian Program, we would have had to consider acquiring a new system due to the long useful life. However, due to the good reliability of the system, the period in which we can use it is lengthened automatically. Calculated across the product life cycle, this reduces costs significantly,” adds Christian Kuhl, Managing Director of the Caritas Hospital Bad Mergentheim.


Key benefits of the Siemens Guardian Program:

  • Proactive, real-time monitoring of system parameters
  • Quick feedback from Siemens experts in case of malfunction
  • System availability of up to 99 percent
  • Improved planning reliability and smooth workflow

Service Features

The Guardian Program™ comprises four integrated service features: real-time, proactive monitoring; expert advice; preferred response time; and guaranteed repair time.* It is available in three individually adaptable program levels: Guardian Pro, Guardian Select and Guardian Premium.

As hospitals increasingly depend on imaging systems to conduct interventional procedures, the demand for absolute system availability continues to grow in importance. The same is true for radiology departments that perform diagnostic procedures such as CTs and MRs.

The Guardian Program™ offers you the assurance of expert support for your system through uninterrupted, real-time monitoring of your system’s operating parameters.

Service features in detail

  • Real-time remote monitoring
    Monitoring software installed on your Siemens system continuously monitors all system parameters, signaling potential system errors and malfunctions even before they occur. If there are deviations from predefined levels, the system automatically sends a status message to our Customer Service Center.
  • Expert advice
    Once the Customer Service Center has been notified, the status message is immediately evaluated by one of our certified support engineers and appropriate actions initiated. In the event of a system malfunction during an interventional procedure, our experts guide you by phone through the first critical phase of the intervention to ensure the patient’s well-being. An expert opinion on the exact status of your system is also offered within the first 15 minutes.
  • Preferred on-site response
    If necessary, one of our certified support engineers will be at your location within two hours of notification* – bringing all the necessary replacement parts to restore your system to full operation again. This saves you valuable time otherwise spent ordering parts and waiting.
  • Guaranteed repair time1
    With the Guardian Program™ Siemens promises that your system will be repaired by the following day at the very latest. Your patient examination schedule will be back on track by the next business day.



1Subject to the terms and conditions of the service agreement.
The Guardian Program™ is available for syngo-based systems that are linked to our SRS infrastructure by a VPN (Virtual Private Network) broadband connection and are equipped with the required software version.
Siemens reserves the right to modify the design and specifications contained herein without prior notice.
Some of the shown service configurations may possibly not be available in all countries.
Please contact your local Siemens sales representative for the most current information.