Siemens Remote Service
One contract, one connection, many advantages.

Siemens Remote Service

Voice of the customer

“For me, planning security is most important when a system has a weak point. There’s always a way to reschedule patients and personnel, provided I know the timetable beforehand. Thanks to Siemens Remote Service, I have quick access to information on whether I need to plan for a larger repair job.”

Andrea Ganter, Technical Assistant, Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology University Hospital Tübingen, Germany


Services powered by Siemens Remote Service

Thanks to Siemens Remote Service (SRS), services which formerly required on-site visits are now available via data transfer. But that’s not all. Our optional Enhanced Productivity Services, such as the Guardian Program™, Virus Protection and Utilization Management, are also powered by SRS, enabling you to take full advantage of your system's potential. By proactively monitoring your system, we can detect parameter deviations before problems occur, safeguard your medical equipment against software attacks and help you to improve your system utilization and increase your productivity.

Standard Services


Diagnosis and Repair
In case of an unexpected system malfunction, we are right by your side with Diagnosis and Repair. To identify the problem quickly, our service engineer dials into your system. With our remote repair function, we can often correct software errors immediately – online. If you require an engineer on site, we are able to support that person efficiently; with remote diagnosis, we can identify defective parts and accelerate their delivery, keeping repair times to a minimum.


Event Monitoring
Early detection of potential system malfunctions is a prerequisite for appropriate actions. Event Monitoring periodically screens the performance of your system. If a deviation from a predefined value is detected, a status message is automatically sent to our Siemens Service Center. There, a service engineer evaluates the status message and initiates the appropriate action to support your clinical workflow.


Software Updates
Software Updates installs the latest recommended updates on your system on a continuous basis. Because everything takes place online, this service could not be more convenient and flexible. Software Updates makes certain that your system stays state-of-the-art.

Competitive advantage in the modern healthcare environment is determined by access to information. Siemens LifeNet offers you up-to-the-minute system- and application-related information, directly at the user console of your imaging system. You can immediately access and apply this information, which includes such features as FAQs, application guides, clinical training schedules and 90-day free trial licences of applications.

Enhanced Productivity Services


Siemens Guardian Program™
The Guardian Program™ ensures the highest level of system availability possible, by proactively monitoring your system’s performance on an ongoing real-time basis for possible deviations from preset norms. In the event of a system malfunction, a predefined high-speed escalation process is set into motion. Clearly designated reaction and repair times, improved spare parts availability as well as expert advice guide you through the first critical phase in getting your system back online fast.

Siemens Guardian Program™ including TubeGuard
As an additional service offering of the Siemens Guardian Program™, TubeGuard can predict the majority of all potential CT tube failures within the SOMATOM Definition family. More than 10 sensors proactively monitor the tube functions via real-time data flow with Siemens Remote Service (SRS).

Siemens Virus Protection
With Virus Protection, we handle your system integrity for you, so that you can focus your full attention on clinical operations. We offer top-level defense in safeguarding your medical systems and clinical networks against viruses of every known kind.

Siemens Utilization Management
The Utilization Management service provides extensive data that enables you to accurately evaluate your system usage and workflow. Ongoing detailed equipment utilization analyses and anonymous benchmark information enable you to realize your system's full potential.

Siemens Remote Application Services
Remote, real-time assistance from a Siemens Application Specialist whenever and wherever you need it. Individual services, tailored to your needs.