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Mobilett Mira Max1 is your mobile imaging companion that lets you bring a broad range of extraordinary MAX advantages to the entire hospital – in a compact, powerful X-ray system that is always ready to go. Enjoy the comfort of MAX assistance for a successful working day and benefit from MAX detection to acquire excellent images wherever needed.

Flexible to meet your challenges

Whenever things get challenging – like in narrow patient rooms – extra support is always welcome. Whether it’s easy maneuvering, safe parking or putting the tools you use every day within reach...

Well thought-out details make Mobilett Mira Max your ideal companion. And the unique MAXreach tube arm introduces an extraordinary level of flexibility.

MAX assistance

Being the only mobile system in the world to incorporate the positioning flexibility of the MAXreach tube arm with the handling comfort of our low-weight MAX detectors, Mobilett Mira Max lets you solve even great challenges with MAX assistance.

MAXreach – exceptional tube positioning flexibility

Even when space is tight or your patient is immobilized: The MAXreach tube arm lets you easily examine almost every region of interest ‒ whatever the position or angle. And thanks to its counterbalanced design, the tube arm is easy and fast to operate with no need to release a brake as seen in other systems.

Mobilett Mira Max has Micro-Inch Mover buttons on each side of the tube arm. They allow you to easily adjust the fine positioning of the system directly at the patient's bedside.
The MAXreach tube arm stays out of your way when you don’t need it: With its slim design and compact transport position you can easily look over the system when moving it.

Compact, lightweight design – effortless maneuvering

Before acquiring X-ray images in a challenging environment, you first need to get there – and that has never been as easy as it is with Mobilett Mira Max: Because of its lightweight, compact design, the system is easy to maneuver over long distances as well as in tight spaces. The ergonomic drive handle, extra-slim detector holder, and large foot space allow even tall users to maintain an upright posture while moving the system or setting it up for the next image.

Safe and user-friendly functions – down to the last detail

Patient and data security are essential in mobile X-ray imaging. With the Easy lock function of Mobilett Mira Max, you can quickly secure both system and data: When leaving the system, all you have to do is simply push the lock button or turn the key to the lock position*. Once locked, the system cannot be moved, no X-ray can be released, and the monitor is turned off. You can regain access either using the key or the numeric keypad*. While in lock mode, Mobilett Mira Max is on standby, so you can resume working within seconds.

The mobile imaging companion Mobilett Mira Max offers plenty of storage possibilities: Compartments between the monitor and tube arm as well as below the handle keep everything you need, like pens, documents, and LAN cables, within easy reach.
* depending on system configuration

MAX image quality in every situation

To make a confident diagnosis, you need to see the details. Backed by impressive imaging power and high-performance detectors, Mobilett Mira Max delivers brilliant images in seconds...

This leaves you with an X-ray companion that offers optimal diagnostic clarity.

MAX detection
lets you acquire excellent image quality. Benefit from impressive 35 kW imaging power and easily swap cutting-edge MAX wi-D and MAX mini detectors between our leading MAX radiography, fluoroscopy and mobile X-ray systems.

Low-weight MAX detectors – high image quality at low dose

High imaging power is an important factor for brilliant results – but the detectors’ performance is equally essential. That’s why Mobilett Mira Max incorporates our latest wireless detector technology for excellent image quality at low dose. The detectors are available in two sizes, so you can choose the right detector for your clinical needs:

MAX wi-D measures 35 cm x 43 cm x 1.9 cm (14” x 17” x 0.7”) and MAX mini 24 cm x 30 cm x 1.6 cm (10” x 12” x 0.6”). Besides being extremely thin, the detectors are also very lightweight at just 3.0 kg (6.6 lbs) and 1.6 kg (3.5 lbs). This makes brilliant low-dose imaging extremely comfortable, even in very tight spaces like incubators.

High generator power – brilliant images

Going mobile doesn’t mean making compromises in image quality. You can easily acquire sharp images with Mobilett Mira Max’s impressive 35-kW (or 450-mA) imaging power. What’s more, you can acquire these crystal-clear images even with exposure times down to 1 millisecond.

DiamondView Plus – increases sharpness and soft-tissue detail

See more in every image. Siemens` unique post-processing solution that automatically improves image contrast and detail, for outstanding image quality. It enhances bone detail and soft tissue contrast without increasing the dose. The automatic image processing solution can also be easily customized to the viewing preferences of your hospital.

Always ready to assist you

From brilliant image quality to innovative assistance features, the facts show that Mobilett Mira Max is a high-end imaging system – and a true companion...

So whatever your mobile X-ray challenge is, having Mobilett Mira Max at your side is always a smart choice.

Ever-ready design – functionality right at your side, in any location or situation

When we say “mobile,” we really mean it: Thanks to its Ever-Ready Design, Mobilett Mira Max is always available. Running on batteries, the system has power wherever you need it. If the batteries are depleted, the system can still be used: Exposures can be taken immediately by simply connecting Mobilett Mira Max to the mains power supply.
MAX wi-D is automatically charged when placed into the detector holder. Another plus: Because all wireless MAX detectors share the same battery type, you can quickly and easily swap batteries in case one is running low.

MAXswap – flexible detector swapping

Always have the right detector at hand, benefit from synergies with other Siemens MAX systems, and save costs: Our MAXswap concept lets you flexibly swap your MAX wi-D and MAX mini detector throughout our most advanced MAX radiography, fluoroscopy, and mobile X-ray portfolio ‒ including Ysio Max, Luminos dRF Max, Luminos Agile Max, and other Mobilett Mira Max systems. After an easy one-click registration, the detector is ready to be used within seconds.

Intuitive Siemens user interface – know one, know them all

Easily manage your entire workflow from registration to documentation with Mobilett Mira Max and syngo FLC. The intuitive, easy-to-learn touch user interface is consistent in all Siemens imaging systems and enables you to operate different systems with confidence and ease. This translates into reduced training and minimizes the risk of mistakes ‒ thus making Mobilett Mira Max a fully integrated mobile imaging companion.

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1Mobilett Mira Max is not commercially available in all countries. Due to regulatory reasons, its future availability cannot be guaranteed. Please contact your local Siemens organization for further details.