Ysio Max

The most direct way to the image.

Ysio Max
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Max. patient weight300 kg / 660 Ibs
Table height52 cm to 95 cm / 21” to 37”
Max. patient coverage190 cm / 75”
MAX wi-D detector 
Dimensions (detector area)35 cm x 43 cm / 14” x 17”
Weight3 kg / 6.6 Ibs
Thickness19 mm / 0.7”
Post processingMAX image quality with DiamondView Plus
MAX mini detector 
Dimensions (detector area)24 cm x 30 cm / 10” x 14”
Weight1.6 kg / 3.5 Ibs
Thickness16 mm / 0.6”
Post processingMAX image quality with DiamondView Plus
MAX static detector 
Dimensions43 cm x 43 cm / 17” x 17”
Post processingMAX image quality with DiamondView Plus
Detector integration 
Free exposuresUnique MAXalign – displays detector angle and enables perfect alignment of tube and detector
Detector sharing

MAXswap – 1-click registration and sharing between Ysio Max, Luminos dRF Max, Luminos Agile Max

Detector configurationsoptimized for 1, 2, 3 and 4 detectors
System automation 
Aim FASTUnique fully automated, simultaneously movement in 6 axes to enable the fastest and safest way to the position you need
Organ programsOver 1,000 user-defined preset system positions for easy standardization and high throughput
SmartOrthoFully automated tilting technique for long leg and full spine imaging, up to 4 images
Imaging system 
User interface1 user experience throughout Siemens radiography, fluoroscopy and urology portfolio
Image storage10,000 radiographic images


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