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When it comes to quickly translating images into accurate reports, the requirements can be demanding. With patient volume difficult to predict, your reading solution needs to offer cost-effective scalability to grow with future needs. It should support your business model with unlimited, multi-location access and, ideally, help orchestrate the departmental workflow. Also, it should be easy to learn, yet fully customizable.™ offers an affordable and expandable client-server solution. It enables SPECT, SPECT•CT and PET•CT image access on a virtually unlimited number of computers in various locations with up to five concurrent users. Any PC or Mac* is ready to access after a one-time client installation that users can easily complete in just minutes.

Siemens is fully committed to providing client-server based solutions which offer maximum flexibility and investment protection. Whether is configured as a standalone workplace for one user or as a server for multiple concurrent users, the same fully scalable system is easy to integrate and use from the start and upgradable to meet future, changing needs.

Access to full processing and reading

Anywhere, anytime access to full image reconstruction and reading tools, including the standard cardiac packages and advanced engines.*

  • is the only client-server solution that provides full molecular imaging processing and reading capabilities and is configurable with Siemens standard and advanced Clinical Engines, as well as the leading third-party cardiac packages.
  • provides access to studies from anywhere in your intranet, from both within and outside your imaging department for greater flexibility and instant access to information.
  • supports up to five concurrent users.

*Network connection required

Easy to install and operate

Any PC or Mac* can be activated as a client computer by the user in just minutes. The familiar and highly customizable syngo MI Applications user interface enables a virtually instant transition for Symbia users.

  • easily integrates with your existing cameras, RIS and PACS infrastructure.
  • A virtually unlimited number of client computers, meeting the minimal HW requirements, can be installed remotely without additional license fees.
  • and the Symbia Acquisition Workplace share the same intuitive user interface of syngo MI Applications, making the transition easy and seamless for existing users.

*Meeting minimum hardware requirements

Economical to maintain and expand

An unlimited number of client computers can be enabled with no extra cost with up to five users having access at the same time. Additional user and application licenses can be added any time for cost-effective scalability.

  • scales efficiently with your growing needs as floating licenses can be added at any time.
  • One server with floating licenses provides access to an unlimited number of users.
  • Any existing PC or Mac with a network connection that meets the minimal hardware requirements can be used as a client.

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*Meeting minimum hardware requirements