Approaches to Dose Reduction in Fluoroscopy

Dose Reduction Advances in Fluoroscopy
In radiography and fluoroscopy the comprehensive CARE dose reduction program with the ability to combine several applications enables reduction in dose without compromising image quality.

Further intelligent dose reduction with:

  • High efficiency digital flat detectors
  • Easy grid removal for pediatric and extremities examinations
  • Low absorption tabletop material and grids
  • Short table top to detector and wall stand front to detector distances
  • Wall stand top alignment for more efficient chest exam collimation
  • Organ programs with pre-set collimation size and Cu f ilters for skin dose reduction
  • Clinical Assurance Program (CAP) with reject analysis assists in determining the causes of repeat examinations
  • Exposure Index (EXI) and Deviation Index (DI) enables monitoring for under- or overexposure of digital X-ray images
  • DICOM Dose Reporting enables and dose document ation to be sent to PACs as a DICOM object

As fluoroscopy examinations often require direct interaction with the patient during the examination, dose reduction measures are important for both patients and medical personnel. This can also influence the choice between a remote controlled or a patient-side controlled system.