Practical Resources for Angiography

Practical Resources for Angiography

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Article: CARE + CLEAR - Standard with Every Artis System
You Can’t Haggle Over Radiation Protection

AXIOM Innovations December 2013

In recent years, many interventional procedures have become longer, more frequent, and more complex. That’s why the need to reduce dose is increasingly important for both patients and clinical staff. In many cases, however, image quality is the key for successful procedures. A dilemma? Not with CARE+CLEAR, a comprehensive portfolio of image-quality and dose-saving tools. Because every patient and every case is different, only interventionalists can decide on the image quality they need – and then determine the lowest possible dose. AXIOM Innovations spoke with representatives from three different disciplines about their experiences with the CARE+CLEAR features.

Article: Artis Q & Artis Q.zen - Pushing the Frontiers of Interventional Imaging

AXIOM Innovations, December 2012

Read about Artis Q.zen - the first angiography system with a crystalline silicon detector for ultra-low-dose imaging.

Article: Raising the Bar, Teamwork proves essential to lowering dose and improving patient outcomes

AXIOM Innovations, June 2012

Teamwork between Siemens and doctors at The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto is leading to lower radiation dose and better outcomes for patients and staff alike.

Article: A Gift Pack - Lower Dose, Higher Image Quality
Interview with Prof. Dr. Çekirge, Hacettepe University Ankara, Turkey

AXIOM Innovations, June 2012

In an interview with AXIOM Innovations, Professor Saruhan Çekirge, M.D., Head of the Department of Interventional Neuroradiology at Hacettepe University School of Medicine in Ankara, Turkey, discusses the latest dose-saving and image quality update, given at no cost to owners of the Artis zee family of interventional C-arm systems.

Article: Navigating the Heart - Integrated MediGuide Technology helps navigation and saves dose

AXIOM Innovations, June 2012

Siemens Healthcare has combined the MediGuide Technology from St. Jude Medical in its Artis zee angiography systems. It is already being used at the Heart Center at the University of Leipzig in Germany. The MediGuide Technology determines the precise position of a catheter using magnetic localization techniques and projects it in real time onto a previously acquired fluoroscopy image. Hence catheters equipped with a sensor can be quickly and safely navigated through the heart without the necessity of constantly subjecting the patient to X-rays.

Article: Patient CARE and Dose Saving; Interview with Dr. Berlis, Klinikum Augsburg in Germany

AXIOM Innovations, June 2012

Since 1993, Ansgar Berlis, M.D., Head of the Neuroradiology Department at Klinikum Augsburg in Germany has gathered experience using different neurointerventional systems. Then in 2010 a new installation was planned and Berlis chose the Siemens´ Artis zee biplane system. This system is equipped with two large flat detectors and many of the latest features such as syngo DynaCT, Artis zee Large Display, the integrated heated mattress as well as low dose fluoroscopy and low dose acquisition. About 300 interventions are performed in his department per year including to treat aneurysms, stroke and AVM. In this interview Berlis shares his outstanding experiences with the Artis zee biplane system, the low dose protocols, the Siemens applications and the integrated heated mattress.

Cover Story: Low Dose - High Principles. Saving Dose with CARE and syngo DynaCT

AXIOM Innovations, Nov. 2011

  • Low Dose, High Principles: Cardiac CARE for All
    A Report from Fundación Cardioinfantil in Colombia
  • A Pediatric Radiologist's Approach to Radiation Reduction
    Interview with Dr. Anne Marie Cahill, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
  • Treatment of Complex Head and Neck Malformation in an Infant
    Clinical Case
  • CAREposition
    An Evaluation of Radiation-Free Positioning

Article: Precise Imaging Far Beyond the Basics - CLEAR Technology Boosts Image Quality

AXIOM Innovations, June 2011
Every second, and often every millimeter counts in the cardiac catheter laboratory. Physicians have to be able to visualize the state of the fine vessels with ultimate precision for diagnostic purposes and during interventions. And, as surgical invasiveness is
reduced to a minimum, the necessary devices are being progressively miniaturized. The demands placed on modern angiography systems have increased in line with these developments. Professor Stefan Sack, a cardiovascular specialist and nterventionalist based in Munich, relates his experiences of and plans for Artis zee.

Article: Low-Dose Interventional Imaging - Stony Brook Medical Center Takes CARE

AXIOM Innovations, June 2011
No question, radiation dose management is serious business in diagnostic and interventional imaging. There is growing awareness and urgency about the need for safeguards to protect both patients and medical staff from unnecessary radiation or overexposure. As a pioneer in dose management strategies, Siemens has been at the forefront of innovation, developing dose reduction technologies since 1994. Today, Siemens offers a comprehensive range of technologies for devices that work with X-rays or radioactive tracers; CARE (Combined Applications to Reduce Exposure) enables dose to be signifi cantly reduced without compromising image quality.

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