syngo Tissue 4D

syngo Tissue 4D
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Visualization features

4D visualization (3D and over time). Color display of parametric maps describing the contrast media kinetics such as:

  • Reflux constant (Kep)
  • Extra vascular extra cellular volume fraction (Ve)
  • Plasma volume fraction (Vp)
  • Initial Area-Under-Curve (iAUC) for the first 60 seconds Additional visualization of 2D or 3D morphological dataset


Post-processing features

  • Elastic 3D motion correction
  • Fully automatic calculation of subtracted images


Pharmacokinetic model

Pharmacokinetic calculation on a pixel-by-pixel basis using a 2-compartment model. Calculation is based on the Tofts model. Various model functions are available. Manual segmentation and calculation on the resulting images.


The following resulting images can be saved as DICOM images:

  • 3D motion-corrected, dynamic images
  • Colored images
  • Storage of calculated results
  • Export of results in the relevant layout format

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