syngo MR E11

Increase your efficiency. Expand your MRI services.

syngo MR E11

More Flexibility, Consistency, and Efficiency for your Scanner

syngo MR E111 software architecture boosts the flexibility, consistency, and efficiency of your MAGNETOM scanners, featuring the fastest loading speed and shorter reconstruction times as well as intuitive planning and scanning. Brand-new trendsetting applications help you open up a huge diagnostic field - Body MRI - and expand your range of MRI services and address new patient groups.

Increase your efficiency

Tim+Dot are the direct response to today’s demanding world of healthcare economics, redefining productivity with an increase of up to 50%.2 Now they take the next level.

Tim 4G: Exceptional quality and speed in MRI.

Introduced in 2003, Tim integrated coil technology has been installed over 9,000 times to date. The proven result: Excellent image quality, no repositioning for multiple exams and more exams per day.

The latest generation, Tim 4G, is setting new benchmarks in Flexibility, Accuracy, and Speed:

  • Up to 204 coil elements. Up to 128 RF channels.
  • Exceptional SNR and image quality with high channel coils and the unique RF architecture enabling DirectRF for true signal purity.
  • Excellent image quality with up to 40%2 reduced scan times.

More speed with syngo MR E11. Your benefits:

  • Up to 50% faster reconstruction2
  • Less waiting time for your technologist

DotGO1: Consistent results, efficiently

Introduced in 2009, Dot helps you easily adapt to the patient’s condition or clinical question, consistently achieve reproducible, high-quality results, and consequently reduce exam times and the number of rescans.

The newest generation, DotGO, is setting new standards in protocol configuration for true flexibility, consistency, and efficiency in every aspect of MRI:

  • Intuitive protocol management with one central, flexible user-interface
  • Quality results for each exam, consistent and reproducible
  • Up to 20% shorter exam slots for more efficiency in MRI2

More efficiency with syngo MR E11. Your benefits:

  • Reduced overall exam-time
  • More predictable exam-times (variation: less than one minute)
  • Less software interaction (time saving: up to 46%)2
  • Quicker turnaround-time to the referrer

LifeDesign: Higher patient friendliness and sustainability.

Life Design helps you and your team cope with today’s challenges of cost and time pressure in daily clinical routine. Resulting in a more efficient workflow overall.

All Siemens MRI scanners share the same design philosophy: Life Design.
We have thought of all aspects of MRI operations from coil design to user-interface and made them more ergonomic and user-friendly.

Growth with BodyMRI

When it comes to body imaging, MRI is the modality of choice for diagnosis and monitoring for many diseases. Nonetheless, contrast timing challenges, long scan times, and breathing motion hindered routine application of body MRI. So far!

New certainty in liver MRI
With syngo MR E11 we introduce a technology to embrace motion in body imaging and to give certainty in liver MRI.

FREEZEit1 – our embrace motion technology – makes MRI faster and more robust than it has ever been, even in the most challenging cases. It opens up the wide field of body imaging.

Can I get a precise early arterial phase, every time?
Certainly with TWIST-VIBE1.

Your challenge:
Arterial contrast timing: the best contrast timing differs from patient to patient and from lesion to lesion.

Your solution – TWIST-VIBE:

  • High temporal and excellent spatial resolution with full 4D coverage.
  • A reliable image and much greater detail for every exam.

Your benefits:

  • Always the right contrast timing in dynamic liver MRI.
  • No more time-intensive, costly repeat examinations.
  • Excellent images to plan surgical intervention. 

Is there a way to scan patients who cannot hold their breath?
Certainly with StarVIBE1.

Your challenge:
Contrast-enhanced body MRI for patients with breath-holding limitations: when imaging children and elderly patients, movement artifacts often pose a problem.

Your solution – StarVIBE:

  • Patients to can breathe feely throughout the scan.
  • Radial imaging insensitive to motion while inherently emphasizing contrast timing.

Your benefits:

  • Excellent image quality.
  • Shorter throughput times and faster diagnosis.
  • Reliably image a growing patient population otherwise excluded from MRI. 

But there is more. A rising number of indications require special monitoring. The iron and fat values of the liver are important indicators for a variety of serious illnesses. Evaluating them early could be a decisive step to better monitor early stages of diffuse liver diseases such as steatosis and haemotomachrosis.

Can I quantify liver fat and iron without performing a biopsy?
Certainly with LiverLab1.

Your challenge:
Need to monitor rising number of diffuse liver diseases.

Your solution – LiverLab:

  • No need to biopsy with non-invasive, quantative liver imaging.
  • Evaluation early-on for a large number of patients.

Your benefits:

  • Efficient identification of patients with need for quantitative analysis.
  • A single robust and fast clinical workflow.

Expand your MRI services.

Applications and features that can help extend your range of services and allow you to treat new patient groups.

Quiet Suite1

Minimum of 70% reduction in sound pressure for complete routine neurological and orthopedic exams – with no need to compromise image quality.

Your benefit: Attract more patients by offering quieter routine examinations for neurology and orthopedics.

TimTX TrueShape

Zoomed MRI with TimTX True Shape reveals important anatomical and pathological details previously obscured. TimTX Acceleration1 takes the next step in parallel transmit imaging.

Your benefit: More details in less time with a SNR increase of up to 20%.2


A new method of quantitative tissue characterization, MyoMaps generates comprehensive pixel-based T1, T2 and T2* colored parametric maps, providing you for the first time an additional layer of valuable diagnostic information about even subtle changes in tissue composition – on the fly.

Your benefit: Bring cardiac and vascular imaging to your clinical routine, together with other unique cardiac MRI features like the Cardiac Dot Engine.

Advanced WARP1

Siemens’ Advanced WARP sequence lets you serve rapidly-growing patient populations with artificial joints. Infections can be diagnosed earlier and there’s a significant gain in image quality for any MRI indication.

Your benefit: Scan and early diagnose patients with large metal implants.

Pediatric 161

Siemens’ Pediatric 16, a Tim Coil, is specifically designed to meet the needs of children up to 18 months of age. Its high channel density together with Tim 4G technology provides higher signal for high resolution neuroimaging with reduced imaging times. Pediatric 16 flexibly combines with other Tim coils for whole body imaging. A cradle facilitates safe and efficient transport and positioning of small patients, reducing stress for all involved.

Your benefit: Expand your range of pediatric care and scan newborns and infants.3


Leading in efficiency. Leading with MAGNETOM.

1The feature is currently under development; not for sale in the U.S. and other countries, future availability cannot be guaranteed.

2Results may vary. Data on file.

3MR scanning has not been established as safe for imaging fetuses and infants under two years of age. The responsible physician has to decide about the benefit of the MRI examination in comparison to other imaging procedures.