Leading. With MAGNETOM. The definitive portfolio for MRI.
Siemens MRI provides leading MRI technology, software, scanners, and applications.

Explore the definitive portfolio for MRI with our MRI gallery application.

  1. Browse through 100’s of clinical images by choosing your clinical field or MRI scanner of interest.
  2. Get basic information on our leading technologies and visualization software.
  3. Listen to why MAGNETOM customers are Leaders in MRI.
  4. Stay informed through automatic, regular updates on our definitive portfolio.

From 0.35T to 7T – simply choose an MRI solution fitting to your clinical, research and patients needs. Benefit from our tradition of continuously innovating to advance human health through Magnetic Resonance Imaging:

  • Open MRI bore design
  • Highest image quality with Tim® 4G (Total imaging matrix)
  • More efficiency and consistency in MRI with Dot® (Day optimizing throughput)
  • A range of clinical applications to answer almost any clinical question

…to highlight just a few.

1The installation requires Adobe AIR® for you to receive automatic content updates. In case you haven't installed Adobe AIR yet, this will happen automatically with your consent. The installation routine is necessary only once. After the installation you will simply have an icon on your desktop to start your MRI gallery or start it via programs under the start menu of your computer.