UFC - Ultra Fast Ceramic

UFC - Ultra Fast Ceramic

UFC - Applications

Materials Science

Materials Science puts its focus on the investigation of structures and resulting properties, using these findings to develop new materials with predetermined properties that best fit a specific purpose. X-ray analysis is powerful tool which helps to achieve these objectives, samples can be of varied textures and consistency from powder to granules or bulk.


X-ray tomography is also used in residual stress analysis to reveal creep damage in technical components as a result of mechanical load or high temperature, as is the case in steam and gas turbines or other machinery components.


The investigation of bulk materials and production processes demands continuous control with in situ analysis, for instance to reveal void growth kinetics. Here too, X-ray-based studies have become an integral part of material research – with our UFC technology, you can achieve outstanding measuring accuracy and speed.

Security Screening

Recently security has become a major issue at airports for baggage control, in public transport and other public locations such courtrooms, embassies and the like. Backscatter X-ray machines that look beneath the clothing can detect hidden weapons, explosives, or illegal substances. Here, fast detector speed is of great importance – Ultra Fast Ceramic is the perfect choice.

The huge volume of cargo passing through airports and cargo controls at harbours, can occasionally be daunting, slowing down processes and causing inconvenience to both passengers and staff. Table-top systems equipped with fast detector technology can speed up screening and ensure fast throughput.

Computed Tomography

Computed Tomography systems are one of the pillars of modern medicine, providing reliable diagnostic images in less than one minute. High quality images are essential to identify smallest treatable lesions – so are minimal exposure of patients and fast examination times. Advanced applications such as high-speed cardiac imaging place even higher demands on detector speed and accuracy.


Siemens high-performance UFC meets all these requirements with ease, offering low-noise, efficient and fast conversion of changes in X-ray intensity for medical images.

Food & Packaging

Quality assurance and testing are critical in the food industry. Contaminant issues can adversely affect brand image, long-term success of a company and consumer safety.


Food processing and packaging requires ongoing analysis of foreign particles (e.g. metal, plastics or glass splinters) and broken or insufficient filled packets.

Steel & Metals, Automotive

The steel and metal industries produce the bulk materials for other branches such as automotive, or construction. Typically, the immense volume of the continuous flow of materials makes near-line production control indispensable. The speed and precision of non-destructive X-ray analysis make it the preferred method of choice to determine contamination or quality of e.g. glued and welded connections at cast parts.


Using this analysis method it is possible to determine the thickness of e.g. metal, plastics and paper during the production process. In the metals industry, low detection limits and high accuracy are needed, coupled with a fast analysis time – which is just what our UFC can offer.


Cement and concrete producers must ensure that production meets specific requirements and composition in order to ensure compliance with safety and environmental standards.


The fast flow of production and dynamic monitoring require fast detector technology – UFC will exceed your expectations.

Wood & Furniture Industries

Non-destructive evaluation is becoming more popular in the wood and furniture industries, as precious resources need to be managed carefully and efficiently. Furthermore, various attributes of wood panels largely determine panel end-uses. New design and manufacturing techniques require improved performance and strength of wood panels – which correspond to their density distribution.


Automated non-destructive analytical techniques give insights into wood and fibre properties, such as density, allowing a more cost-efficient approach to wood exploitation and furniture production. UFC scintillation materials are robust in handling and fast – boosting your production and your outcome.